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Nov 19, 2008 10:05 AM

lil' parlor pizzeria in south pas. open

steven arroyo's new pizzeria in the former 750ml spot is open, has anyone been?

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  1. When did it open?

    Prices look reasonable. Wood-fire oven looks impressive. Always like the space.

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      I went by for takeout. I ordered two pizzas: rucola (wild arugula, prosciutto and asiago - spelled "assiago" on their menu. ha!) and finocchiona (fennel sausage, pepperoncini, tomato sauce, mozzarella). Both good, not Mozza-good, but decent. They were about $14 each.
      I'm no pizza expert but I liked that they didn't burn the crusts on the bottom, I find that distracting. But this also gave the thin crusts a flour-tortilla-like flavor and consistency towards the middle. I wasn't wowed by the tomato sauce, I found it to be a little sweet but I want to return to verify.

      The waitstaff is still getting familiar with the menu of course, so if you ask questions they may have to hunt down an answer. But they were very kind. I would go back, I'm curious to try the baked riccota appetizer.

      They serve Mexican coke. yay!