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Nov 19, 2008 10:04 AM

Is brunch possible b4 a Raven's game?

We are heading from Philly to the Raven's game on Sunday. We thought we'd park somewhere around the Inner Harbor and have some brunch before the game. Any suggestions?

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  1. Definitely possible! I had friends in town for the Ravens/Raiders game a few Sundays ago and we met at the new Diamond Tavern in the Hilton at 11AM for brunch. I was extremely concerned it was going to be packed but it was great - right in the middle of the action but surprisingly quiet. We walked in and were seated without any issues. My only forewarning is that the bar is SLOW so we ordered two bloody marys at a time. FYI - their bloodys rock.

    1. You could make your way over to Federal Hill via a walk from Ostend Street by the stadium, about a 15 minute walk. Regi's on Light Street, Junior's on Charles Street and Mother's on Charles Street all have forewarned, Mother's is rowdy and fun, but is a mecca for Ravens fans. After the game, Magerk's on Charles (1/2 block from Mother's) is a safe haven for Eagles fans, like myself! Go Birds! Have fun :) PS-If you are driving, just down key highway is Little Havana, AYCD bloodys and mimosas at brunch.

      1. No suggestions, but if you are driving to the game I have advice. Plan on at least an extra 30 minutes to get there.

        I volunteer at the animal shelter directly behind the stadium and on game days (2 hours prior to the game) a 10 minute drive turns into 40. All of the traffic immediately around the stadium is standstill.

        1. The Rusty Scupper in the Inner Harbor has a Brunch every Sunday, with a special Ravens section upstairs before each game. Lots of folks eat here before heading to the game.