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Nov 19, 2008 09:56 AM

Fine lunching in Peterborough

Despite living a short distance from Peterborough, I don't know much about fine dining options there. We tend to go for cozy/funky most of the time, e.g. Cosmic Charlie's, La Hacienda, Karma's Cafe, St. Veronus, Old Stone or that awesome Caribbean hole-in-the-wall on Hunter. I'd like to go for a really nice lunch with a friend, but am not sure which of the nicer places might be worth the splurge e.g. Parkhill on Hunter, 38 Degrees etc. Or are we better to stick with one of the usuals and just splash out a bit more than usual? Nothing makes me angrier than going to a place that purports to be fine dining, charges fine dining prices, but doesn't deliver on the food! Thanks for your ideas...

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  1. I used to be a pharma sales rep and Peterborough was in my territory. I have done both Parkhill on Hunter (many times for dinner - no lunch) and 38 Degrees. In comparison to the rest of my territory, Peterborough just did not stack up gastronomically. But, I think if I had to recommend a lunch spot, I would choose 38 Degrees - they didn't try too hard to be something they weren't and the food was consistent. Good luck.

    1. If you're looking for a great fine dining experience in Ptbo, you can't go wrong with Parkhill on Hunter. I haven't eaten at 38 Degrees since the ownership change, so I can't recommend it. I totally disagree with the previous poster though -- I have rarely been disappointed dining in Ptbo. I am always amazed at the level of gastronomical quality there, especially given the size of the population. If you can travel just a bit north of Ptbo, another favourite of mine is The Old Bridge Inn in Young's Point.

      1. Lunch is tougher than dinner - particularly on the weekends. Old Bridge Inn is excellent (Young's Point) and worth the drive.

        Old Bridge Inn --2057 Old Hwy #28, Young's Point (705) 652-8507
        Call for their hours as they are different after Thanksgiving until the Spring.

        Other options?

        Cassis 211 -- 211 Hunter Street West -- (705) 775-3663
        or their bistro in Lakefield, at 27 Queen Street -- 705-652-8045

        We used to enjoy Splice, on George but I have no idea whether or not they have dropped doing lunch during the week... They dropped Saturday lunches some time ago.

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          Thanks for the suggestions. It's not "fine lunching" but I do like Jay Nutt's place in Lakefield, too. The driving conditions may end up dictating our choice anyway!

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            I went to place called Rare a couple of weeks ago and it was the best meal that I have had in that area. I would highly recommend Rare restaurant.

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              I like Jay's too - for an every day lunch... :)

          2. Hotbelly Mama,s, a great place. Southern cooking and a brew pub. Other side is a different menu. Best sweetpotatoe fries. It's downtown, can't remember which street. We always hit this place