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Nov 19, 2008 09:53 AM

good prosecco, available locally?

Can anyone recommend a good prosecco that I can find fairly easily (like at TJ's Top Line, Silverlake Wine, Colorado Wine Co. or on the Westside) ? Not too crazy expensive, maybe in the $15 or less range...

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  1. go to the wine expo on santa monica blvd just west of centinela. lots of options

    1. My best recent Prosecco purchase (09/13/2008):
      Bellusi Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, $ 9.75/btl
      Los Angeles Wine Co. 310-306-9463

      1. Old reliable for me is Mionetto il Prosecco (not the rosé, not the moscato). Around $11 at Wine Country in Signal Hill, but is becoming increasingly available around town...

        Note to self: Try the Bellusi ASAP!

        1. Just asked that question of Charlie Puffer at Topline yesterday, and he has 3 for no more than $10, that he really likes, one not exactly a prosecco, but would serve the purpose, for $8.99
          Give Topline a call at 323.665.8484 or 818.500.9670

          1. An excellent prosecco -- never champagne, because the flavor is too yeasty and rich -- and low-acid white peach puree are all you need for a great Bellini. Unfortunately, ripe white peaches are not always available when the craving hits you. The Perfect Puree Company, a well-regarded purveyor in Napa Valley, seems to sell retail only by mail and in Northern California markets. Does anyone know where to get top-quality puree in Southern California?

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              The best place I think is Surfas... they have some unique flavors too...


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                I just searched the Surfas on-line product catalog ( -- a useful URL, although I can't believe it lists everything in the store) and found no purees at all. When did you see them?

                1. re: sbritchky

                  The website mostly lists the mail order things, they have huge freezers in the store with all sorts of goodies. Call them to see if they specifically have what you are looking for... but they definiatly have fruit purrees