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Nov 19, 2008 09:47 AM

Gourmet Food & Wine Expo

Anyone going this year/have words advice from prior years?

I'm going this Saturday for a tutored tasting...might or might no go earlier to check out exhibits. My impression is its way too busy and just not a pleasent environment on the floor.

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  1. Thursdays and fridays are the best time to go, less crowded, more relaxed.
    Saturdays is full of couples and all the out of towners. It's shoulder to shoulder.
    I've been to the show every year for the last 6 or so years (both on vip and regular nights) and its always a good show, but obviously, depends on your expectations.

    Looking forward to german foods being there this year

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    1. re: Suresh

      Can anyone tell me how much I have to spend on sample tickets to really enjoy the expo. I was givin tickets for the vip night.

      1. re: gogomiser

        Sampling tickets are $1 each.
        Liquor/Wine servings range from 1 ticket to a maximum of 6 tickets (vintage section).
        Average is 2 to 3 tickets, and you can very easily enjoy the floor for $30. Anyhting over that, and you're just looking to get hammered.

        1. re: Suresh

          I have tickets to Mining Those Buried Gems and 2005 Focus Bordeaux, both on Sunday. I've never been to the GW&FE before. My questions are: a) should my BF and I not plan to wander around before and in-between the tasting seminars, since it will be so packed full of people? and b) should we both with sampling tickets or will we be pretty tipsy after the two tasting seminars (he'll be okay ... I'll be tipsy)?

          1. re: Suresh

            But if you buy extra tickets, you can always use them up on food :)

            1. re: Sinfulia

              I might be needing some food to soak up the alcohol. ;-)

      2. This show has been universally panned on this board before. This is probably the best thread of them all:

        On principle I'd stay away. Unless you're the type that thinks Harbour 60's wine markups are reasonable....

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        1. re: TexSquared

          Yup. There were several items at the Vintages booth (generally all in the main area that's worth it except for a small area that Prevedello, Halpern et al pour) that were 30+ tickets. Yeah. $30 for a one ounce pour. I'll be there for a tutored tasting, and the only reason I'm going is because it's to make up for last year's horrendous experience to which I went to great extents to complain about. But at least it's not in Miserysauga.

        2. I don't remember seeing too many items for one ticket last year. Almost everything was 2-3 tickets. Plus, some vendor only accepted cash.
          The tasting portions are quite small. No chance of getting tipsy. :-)

          1. my expeience, go early first day as soon as they open and get it done!

            1. Go for the wine only, the food is a major let down. Unless your ok with crowds, the whole experience is not very pleasant.