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Nov 19, 2008 08:53 AM

Is Anyone Fed Up with The Foodnetwork?

Well...are you? Although I still love watching Barefoot Contessa, Giada, Tyler Florence, Jamie Oliver and Nigella, I'm really getting fed up with this network. I remember years ago when foodnetwork was such a novelty and evolving--and it was good back then, even the cheesy game shows like "ready, set, cook" and the original Iron Chef with the dubbed judges critiques were very entertaining. However, lately, I find myself getting bothered with this channel. Paula Deen was great a few years back--now she is a caricature of herself. Rachel Ray is just downright annoying--and her recipes aren't that great either. You can only take so much of her own language. As much as I enjoy Emeril's NOLA restaurant, his shows are getting on my nerves too. It USED to be about cooking--but I find the Food Network is more about these hosts/chefs and their "celebrity". The first season of "Food Network Star" was great--I loved it--but as the show aged, it was more and more "wannabee" actors/celebrities. They all seemed to be about beautiful teeth and hair!
I suppose I may sound like a curmudgeon of sorts--but I'm somewhat dismayed. Everywhere I go, I see either "Rach's" face on a box for cookware, or Emeril's face on a box for cookware, or Paula Deen's face on every product but butter--and I'm sure Paula Deen's Butter Pats are coming out soon!
Bring back the old days with Two Hot Tamales and when Paula Deen actually used her "indoor" voice!
What's your thinking?

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  1. Go to the food media and news board and read the sticky.
    Hate FN? Turn it off! Go read Harold McGee. I know that's a novel idea......
    Personally, with the terribly depressing political and economic news, I relish the escape that FN provides. Do I love it and its self generated "stars"? No.
    Do I want to see some guy eat a 8 lb burger or another guy eat sheep's eyes while chewing with his mouth open and making horrific smacking noises? NO!
    But, if I need the escape and want to watch something I love - FOOD- no matter how semi-homemade it is being prepared, FN is just fine with me.

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    1. re: Tee

      Oh dear! As a newbie, I should have read that sticky. My apologies to anyone. My posting is simply because I'm dismayed at what FN was and what it turned into is all. Nothing personal to anyone who hosts a show, but they used to be more viewer-friendly!

    2. I'm more annoyed with their new website, frankly.

      There are still shows I enjoy on the network, and those that make me injure myself reaching for the remote to quickly change it, but that's just what I do, I change it.

      I don't fault anyone for doing what they can to make money, especially in this economy, some seem to be a little overkill, but more power to them for coming up with something that I obviously didn't have the drive/patience/talent to do.

      If you're that angry about the network lineup, as you obviously are for making the thread, do what I do, watch your favorites, and during the times that the ones that piss you off are on, find something else to do.

      Don't waste your breath and energy being angry over something you can't change, something that seems trivial in the grand scheme of "life".

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      1. re: TarheelYankee

        I don't mind the network, but like you hate what they have done to the website.

        1. re: Janet from Richmond

          I actually like the new website except that it seems a bit slow.

      2. I still watch it occassionally, but with the exception of Alton Brown, I don't find it terribly useful if you're purpose is learning how to cook and getting good recipes that work. I much prefer almost anything on PBS instead. The FN is really more about personalities and looks than serious cooking.

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        1. re: bnemes3343

          Don't you think it's better to learn to make your own recipes rather than just imitating someone else's? Which is what Alton shows does, and most of the time he has the same number of recipes per show as other ones: three. And he is my go to guy for recipes.

          1. re: AngelSanctuary

            As I said, AB is about the only good thing on FN. But, as with ATK, he gives recipes. He doesn't stand there and ask you to invent one. What makes ATK so great is that you learn alot about technique and basic principles and their recipes work. And, no, I'm not interested in inventing a new chocloate cake when ATK has tons of great recipes that work. What show do you watch that doesn't do recipes?

            1. re: AngelSanctuary

              Alton is the best but whats happened lately? He doesnt looked good, honestly. Hope all is good.

              His new shows have seemed to have gotten back to the great old ones- clever and not overdone.

          2. Well, on the bright side the FN hasn't suffered from "Mission Creep" like a lot of other networks. HGTV used to be entertaining until it turned into the Real Estate network, the Sci-Fi Channel shows pro wrestling and a couple of boring game shows and there's no music on MTV (of that we can at least be thankful). The Food Network at least has shows about food. I personally love Unwrapped. Name a network/cable channel that shows 100% (or 90% or even 20%) of shows you want to watch.

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            1. re: JohnE O

              Fed up? Oh, I have been for years now. I just don't watch it anymore. And the website? Oy -- what were they thinking?

              I wonder who their target audience is for the channel and the site?

              1. re: JohnE O

                FN has a huge case of mission creep.

                1. re: JohnE O

                  Unwrapped is about food? I thought it was about taking a bunch of chemicals, throwing them into a vat, running them through some type of industrial machine, and producing some sort of substance that makes the population fat.

                  The network is a complete joke.

                  1. re: toro head

                    People can still find it entertaining- almost like the show 'How Its Made', not so much for quality food reasons.

                    The Neelys have to go as does the new Paula Deen. It gets perverse- they should be on Cinemax.

                2. Fed up with a lot of the crap on TV, in general. FN has migrated in their own direction, just like MTV doesn't really do music anymore. Somebody must be watching.