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Nov 19, 2008 08:36 AM

Holiday Ambiance - midtown/uptown

Looking for advice from friends.... I'm taking mom to the city for our annual - mother daughter Christmas tree - holiday windows etc... and want to find a place thats nicely decorated for the holidays - on a sunday.

the food shouldnt be too exotic - she's not willing to try new things.


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  1. it doesnt get more holiday that rolf's on 22nd and third...if ure willing to travel

    1. Or, if you're not willing to travel, Rock Center Cafe...Watch the skaters and have a great view of the tree and the most holiday-ish part of nyc.

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      1. re: italianagambino

        thanks for the suggestions - although Rolfs is like dining in a xmas tree - their food is hit or miss.... and Rock Center cafe - is a fine suggestion but perhaps too touristy

        1. re: phunkykim

          Rolf's is also sure to 1) cause sensory overload and 2) cause you so sweat from the heat generated from all the lights. Not to mention the mediocre overpriced food...

      2. I find Artisinal to be very Christmasy and it has something for everyone. Good food, good wine and lots of cheese!!

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        1. re: roze

          thanks roze - great menu indeed.....

        2. If you are all around the city that day, head to Little Italy. Every where down there is decorated very nicely during the Holidays. And you can choose from a price range of many restaurants.

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          1. re: rockstar14

            yes i love little italy - but i know her and she wont want to shlep "all the way down there"
            thats why mid or uptown would be fine

            1. re: phunkykim

              heading in next sunday - please - any other suggestions?

            2. re: rockstar14

              someone told me that they dressed it up nice for the holidays - i'll have to think about that

            3. We love going to Grammercy Tavern around the holidays and eating in the Tavern room or at the least having a drink at the bar.