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Nov 19, 2008 08:29 AM

Bellingham-Weekend Getaway

Hello-heading to Bellingham for a weekend getaway with my boyfriend and I am looking for restaurant suggestions for Saturday night (something nice & romantic). Thanks for your help!

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  1. My suggestion would be go early. Get off of I-5 at the north end of Burlington. Go one exit past Hwy 20 and head North. When you get to Bow/Edison turn left and stop at Slough Foods, and the bakery next door. Grab some grub, and get back on the road Northbound. When you get to the first big parkig lot, on the right side of Chuckanut, stop. If you get to the State Park you went a bit too far. Walk down to Clayton Beach and have a picnic. Wine, cheese, & bread, are GREAT here! It's hard to beat!

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      It's been in the mid 40s in Bellingham the last few days, and getting dark at 4ish. Different strokes, I know, but hardly picnic weather imo. I've heard quite good things about Nimbus, as well as the oyster house on Chuckanut. Anthony's has water views, and the food will be predictable if not revelatory. If the weather is decent during the day, take a stroll down the south beach trail along the water and Boulevard park. Warm up with a coffee at Woods.

    2. Not sure if I'm too late but check out Nimbus in Bellingham. It has a great view (ask for a table facing the water). We did the tasting menu when we were there and loved it! Some of the wine pairings weren't the best but the food was great!