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Nov 19, 2008 08:05 AM

what Columbia, SC needs

Thanksgiving is coming up, so of course one thinks about what one is thankful for. But one also might think of what one WOULD be thankful for, if it happened. With that in mind, I thought we could talk about the kinds of restaurants we would be thankful to see open in Columbia, SC. Perhaps some enterprising potential restaurateur will take us up on our suggestions.

I'll start things off with one suggestion, and maybe chime in with some others at a later time:

Jewish-style Deli. (Kosher is probably too much to ask for.) There's a surprising number of Jews in Columbia, plus transplants from up north, so a restaurant like this has a built-in constituency and could grow from there. As far as I know, decent pastrami and corned beef are nowhere to be found in Columbia. Good pickles, knishes, potato pancakes, etc. And since it wouldn't necessarily be Kosher, there could be a wide range of dishes on offer for broad appeal.


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  1. Wow. You've read my mind PERFECTLY. This has been my biggest gripe, out of a lot, with Columbia. I been craving for a good fatty pastrami on rye for the longest in the area. As you mentioned I can't believe the lack of a Jewish style deli with a pretty decent sized Jewish population in the area.

    1. How about an Ethiopian place?

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      1. re: deibu

        That would be great. Do you think there's an Ethiopian or other East African population here in Columbia that could supply a regular customer base for such a place?

        1. re: north2south

          north2south, I lived in Columbia for seven years. Not even an Indian restaurant when I was there. If there had been, it would have had to be a buffet to stand a chance of making it.

          1. re: Jimmy Buffet

            I grew up in Columbia and left after college. I remember Chinese being considered "unusual" cuisine by most people there!

            1. re: Suzy Q

              I think that Chinese is a cuisine it would be nice to see more of in Columbia. The Miyo's group of restaurants is good in its own way, but that way is a very Westernized, domesticated, upscale version of Chinese. Egg Roll Chen off of Devine/Garner's Ferry (near Rosewood) has a few dishes that rise above your typical Chinese take-out. As far as I know, nothing else in town is worth mentioning (correct me if I'm wrong!). I would very much welcome a place with a wider range of more authentic Chinese offerings.

            2. re: Jimmy Buffet

              Gee, you must've been gone a long time. I can think of two that were around at least twenty years ago.

              1. re: Jimmy Buffet

                Well, we actually have a couple of decent Indian restaurants now. Touch of India, with its dosas, is particularly good. And while many of the Indian restaurants in town have buffets, they all have a la carte menus as well.