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Nov 19, 2008 07:30 AM

Eatery near Palace of Auburn hills

Hi, will be going to the Tina Turner concert tomorrow night at Palace of Auburn hills and would like to know somewhere to eat (nothing to fancy)within walking distance form car park
also if anyone can tell me the best parking bay for easy entry I would be much obliged
Regards David

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  1. The only place within walking distance is the Post Bar across the street. It's not a good idea to walk across the street as it's a busy highway. We have always struggled as to where to eat and found that they have a buffet on the concourse level that's not too bad and gets you in there before the show. Plus you end up with a pretty decent parking place. You may have to call the Palace as I don't remember if you need do for their dining room just not sure on buffet.

    1. pallazzo di bocce - about a mile north of the palace on lapeer

      hoops - about a half mile south of the palace for beers and burger/sandwich fare