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Nov 19, 2008 07:29 AM

in seek of --> lemon stilton at reasonable prices

yesterday at Loblaws i had an amazing desserty white lemon stilton...however it was $55 a kilo

anyone know where i can get a similar cheese for .. less? i'd like to buy a pound for a party this weekend

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  1. Not sure, but you could call ahead and see if Whole Foods @ their Yorkville location carries it. A few months back I purchased a few Stilton varieties, which were all wonderful.
    You could also call the Cheese Boutique and ask them.

    1. Regular Stilton is $35/kg at Costco.
      Danish blue is half of that, and Roquefort is $45/kg.
      They are all good, just slightly different takes on classic blue cures.
      I have no idea how lemon might be configured.

      1. I've purchased white stilton with lemon peel (or with mango or ginger) at Max's Market in Bloor West Village and at Alex Farm Products in St. Lawrence Market. Don't know whether prices will be any cheaper at those places those.

        For another desserty cheese, try Wensleydale, which comes in varieties that have dried blueberries or cranberries or apricots or ginger. It should be available at any good cheese shop.

        1. Hey! I was at Longo's this morning (York Mills) location and saw two Stilton's:
          -Lemon Zest
          -Mango & Ginger

          Both are priced at $45.90/kg.

          1. probably too late with my reply, but most boutique cheese stores in the GTA should have it, tho the supply is dwindling at this time of year, maybe you should try the other flavored stiltons out there, theres loads of options besides the Lemon one Loblaws lists.