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Nov 19, 2008 07:12 AM

Dolce & You in Annandale

Dolce & You is a cheerfully decorated bakery and cafe. While the bakery/coffee options predominate, they have a small lunch menu which is mostly sandwiches, curries, and pasta. We walked in seeking dessert, and were not disappointed.

We got a white chocolate mousse, which was overly sweet for me, but made my white chocolate fan kid very happy. We also got a pyramid-shaped multi-layer chocolate cake slice, which was coated in an assertive bittersweet chocolate. Each of these was taken out of the case and then placed onto a chocolate-decorated plate. My daughter got a big chocolate flower drawn on her plate, while my spouse just got a "dolce."

Drinks seem very pricey until they actually arrive. The $3.95 coffee comes with a small square of mango mousse cake, a mini-madeline, and a wooden stirring stick encrusted with rock candy. This reminded us a lot of Belgium, where even the cheapest cafe wouldn't dream of serving coffee without a few cookies. They offer both a selection of teas and coffee drinks.

Dolce & You had a lot of ice cream and bingsu offerings. These are all in the $6-10 range, but the one ice cream we saw going past had at least 5 scoops and was headed to a family of four.

This would be a great place to meet someone for coffee and dessert.

This is in the 7100 block of Little River Turnpike, near the K-mart.

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  1. I remember when I first discovered this wonderful place sometime around last year, which is when they first opened.

    The decor and ambiance is absolutely wonderful here. It's a great place to bring your date to. I also agree with you about the coffee, they actually bring you two pieces of cake/pastry, and a crystal-like stick of sugar. The presentation's pretty nice.

    The cakes they have here are a delight on the eyes also. What surprised me most from my visits here is that their paninis are very good.

    Their dolce bingsoo is quite a feast for the eyes, but be careful if you order it because its huge.

    I don't know why but this place really sets the mood for a cozy romantic night out during winter :)

    7137 Little River Tpke
    Annandale, VA 22003
    (703) 256-1888