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Nov 19, 2008 06:54 AM

scale of recipe and pans

i have two 3.5-4" springform cake pans that i'd like to use for a small layer cake. since i only have 2, i need a cake recipe that won't leave me with a lot of excess batter. should i look for a recipe that's suited for 1- 9" or 8" cake or can i assume that any recipe for a 2 layer 9" cake can be cut halved? any suggestions? looking for a chocolate cake.

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  1. I have never found a cake recipe that could not be reduced by half. The greatest variable would be the baking time. Your smaller pans won't need to bake as long as the larger models but establishing a precise baking time will be difficult. Remember that a 4 inch pan is not half the size of an 8 inch pan. A 4 inch pan that is an inch deep is about twelve and a half cubic inches. An 8 inch pan that is an inch deep about a bit over fifty cubic inches or about four times as large. So a layer cake recipe for an 8 inch pan, reduced by half, would do better in a six inch pan than a 4 inch pan.