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Great hot chocolate in Seattle?

A search here didn't turn up a whole lot. I've been craving hot chocolate in a major way - any suggestions for a truly good cup? Bonus points if it's downtown/Belltown...

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  1. I'm not a big fan of chocolate, however I live with a chocoholic who swears by the hot chocolate at the Confectional in the market. I think it is more of a drinking chocolate, so may not be in your craving for a true hot chocolate, but I thought I would put the suggestion out there.

    1. I agree about the confectional. The Chocolate Box (on 1st and Pine) not only has great drinking chocolate as well, but also has intriguing flavors like mint or peanut butter chocolate.

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        Chocolopolis on Upper Queen Anne is supposed to get to the point where you can pick the chocolate used to make the hot chocolates... It's the same type of store as the chocolate box, but it feels a little more human and a lot less corporate.

      2. I had excellent hot chocolate at the Fran's Chocolate Store at Uvillage. A little out of your way, but I think there may be a Fran's downtown?

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          There is a Fran's downtown at 1st & Union. It just opened.

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            I've now been to the downtown Fran's a couple of times and it's very good - and dangerously close to my office. I also heard Caffe Umbria brought back their Italian hot chocolate. Has anyone tried it?

        2. Both Le Pichet and Brasa serve delightfully decadent hot chocolate.

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            When you want the ultimate hot chocolate experience, try the chocolat chaud at Le Pichet. It is made with chocolate and hot water (amazingly), thick, and rich. Comes with beautiful orbs of whipped cream on the side. It is more dessert than hot chocolate and fantastic if you're in the mood for that. We had it once again on New Year's Eve and it was a wonderful at ever.

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              They have the same one at Cafe Presse (same owners). It's pretty amazing.


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                Also a good one in that style at Sweet and Savory in Mt Baker.

          2. I have a soft spot for the Nutella-laced hot chocolate at Tutte Bella

            1. Not sure about downtown but if the craving hits at SeaTac, the Dillantante [sp] booth has awesome drinking chocolate.....and I was never big on drinking chocolate. Lots of different flavors, not too sweet and priced not much different than a latte.

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                Not sure if the Dilettante is still open in Westlake Center, but they've got a 10 or so different drinking chocolates, from white to very dark. delicious.

              2. I recently had the hot chocolate with cayenne at Chocolati and it was fantastic. Not too sweet with just enough cayenne to make you sit up and take notice - but not knock you over.

                1. My wife really really likes the hot cocoa at Ken's Artisan Bakery in Portland. She hasn't found one that is like that around Seattle. Any suggestions?

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                    Has she tried any of the ones posted to this thread already? That'd probably be a good first step.

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                      Yeah, we've been making our way down the list. But no hits just yet.

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                        What have you tried and what didn't you like about it?

                        That might help with recommendations beyond the above. =)

                        Imagine if we were talking about 'best pizza' and all variations were thrown out (thin, thick, east coast, californian, brick oven, etc) and someone said 'I've tried some, but haven't found what I liked,' it'd be the same thing.

                        And keep in mind that (I'd wager) most people haven't had Ken's Artisan Bakery's Hot Chocolate, so don't know what you're looking for in terms of flavour, consistency, etc....

                        Personally, I'd go to Chocopolis on top of Queen Anne and, assuming they've got the pick your own chocolate in place, find a chocolate you like and have them make a hot chocolate out of it.

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                          Yeah, I'm hoping Chocopolis has what we need. That's on our list probably sometime this month.

                          I'm not my wife, and she has a tough time putting her requirements into words. But I think the criteria is piping hot and dark chocolate-y. And not too milky.

                          Recently, we're tried Le Pichet, Etta's, Caffe Ladro, Macrina, and Makeda. Makeda seems to come pretty close, according to her.

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                      I've not had that one - what's it like? I've been working my way through the ones suggested here in the past month or so - still have some to try - but there's definitely some good hot chocolate in this city!