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Brooklyn Borough Hall Area

I am staying for another 4 days at the Marriott Hotel near the Borough Hall station, on Adams Street. I think the area is called "Downtown Brooklyn".

The hotel restaurant, "The Archives", is actually very good! My wife had the Crabcake appetizer and the Parsnip Gnocchi. They were $17 and $20, so $37 for dinner plus the $5.25 for my Guinness while I was waiting for it. (I had to eat at the conference buffet provided by the hotel, which was acceptable but nothing to write home, or to chowhound, about.)

I'm looking for other places near by, good places at prices not more than The Archives. Some cheap takeout places would be great. There was a Halal meat stand (chicken, donairs and the like) in front of the hotel, but it didn't appeal. I got slices of pizza at the corner of Willoughby and Adam, it was a Brooklyn Moment with the interaction between customers and staff. The pizza wasn't really that good, but it was the right choice for the time.

Anyway, there will be days when we want to go out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And there will be more days when my wife will want takeout because I am at the conference lunch or dinner. So takeout close (not necessarily cheap, but close) is a real priority, but moderately priced stuff at a more moderate distance would also be nice. Or things just a stop or two away on the subway.

PS there's a Morton's steak house nearby, but it doesn't open until Friday, and anyways I really shy away from chains, especially expensive ones.

Thanks everyone, it's been a great trip so far for food!

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  1. Here are a few suggestions for dinners in Archives price range: Cross Adams Street and go two more blocks to Henry St. and turn right. Between Cranberry and Middagh Streets there are three very good Restaurants: Henry's End--American comfort food and game (the game menu is a little above your price range), Noodle Pudding--wonderful northern Italian food (be warned, cash only), and Le Petite
    Marché--French Bistro. If you go one block past Henry to Hicks you'll find Jack the Horse, a gastropub that has gotten some good reviews here (I've not been there). Or instead, make a left on Cadmen Plaza West (one block before Henry). It becomes Court Street. A few block down you will reach Queen which has very good Italian (a selection of both red sauce and more contemporary dishes). All of these should please and be much more Brooklyn than Archives. Enjoy.

    Le Petit Marche
    46 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Noodle Pudding
    38 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Henry's End
    44 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Jack the Horse Tavern
    64 Hicks St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    84 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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      All of your recommendations are terrific. We go to all of them on a somewhat regular basis.

      The prices for dinner for two people at all of those mentioned is about $100 with tax and tip.

    2. There have been a few posts like this before so, if you want to do a search on this board for "Marriot," you probably find a lot of other recommendations. Have fun!

      1. Just replied to "Brooklyn Heights: Breakfast and Lunch" which is almost the same question, and I'm guessing you two are attending the same conference at the Marriott. If you have more specific questions, feel free to ask here too though.

        1. I got some good suggestions when I was doing jury duty across from the Marriott but don't remember the name of the reasonably priced Vietnamese restaurant on the corner of Montague and Henry (I think). The Pho was a tasty, satisfying lunch for around $10. So do a search for "Brooklyn jury duty" too and you should be set.

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            The Vietnamese placed closed a few months back.

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              Teresa's breakfast was disappointing. French toast slightly burnt, bacon too. Floaties in my water, sent it back never got a replacement. Cherry blintzes didn't have fresh cherries, but tasted good. Oh well, onwards...

            2. Do yourself a favor and check out Jack the Horse. One of the best restaurants around. Henry's End is also quite good, as is Le Petite Marche. I'm not partial to Noodle Pudding and find it highly overrated. A few blocks over in DUMBO, Five Front is also good, as is Hecho en Dumbo for authentic Oaxacan. Also near the Marriot is the remarkable restaurant row of Smith Street. Chestnut, Paninoteca, Chance, Grocery, and Clover Room are all recommended. Enjoy.

              1. It looks like your visit is over, but in case others are reading, if they want an inexpensive place, they should consider checking out Yemen Cafe, 176 Atlantic Av., between Court and Clinton Sts. Prices have finally gone up, but you can still get a very filling, good dinner there for around $20/person, including unlimited self-service of Yemeni tea (with sugar and a spice mixture including cardamom). No alcohol there; it's a halal restaurant.

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                  Pan -

                  We usually hit Waterfalls and like it, but could use a change. What do you recommend at Yemen Cafe?

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                    I've been there at least a half-dozen times. I've only really ordered one thing: the roast lamb. I'm a relatively adventurous eater, have nibbled off the plates of friends who've come along and not been interested in lamb, have had the hummus and a few other salad/spreads (which were all excellent) but nothing could make me order anything other than the roast lamb. It's that good. (I believe it's called haneez.)

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                      Thissteaks is right in recommending lamb, in almost any guise (and I, too, like the Haneez). The lamb liver "appetizer" (really, a decent main dish portion) is also great! If you order chicken (as I often do), I recommend Chicken Loubia. Their spreads are excellent (for example, the Foul and the Fassolia). I also like their scrambled egg dish.

                      The only thing I really haven't liked much was Shish Kebab. It came overcooked to my taste - partly charred and too dry. The fish sometimes has similar problems. Salta isn't really to my taste, but that's because of the aggressive taste of the fenugreek foam, not any kind of cooking issue. And I don't dislike it; I just don't truly like it, and I love the complimentary lamb soup.

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                        I just went for the first time in months, because I had jury duty and a long lunch. Noticed the nicely-printed new menus, and that aseed is missing (probably never that popular with non-Yemenis). I don't remember loubia being on there previously, unless they just didn't describe it as "Yemeni risotto" before. Sounded awesome, but my standby is fatah with lamb...so, so delicious.

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                          Do they have a differently priced lunch menu or is there dinner menu in effect for lunch, as well?

                          1. re: jdf

                            Different prices:


                            BUT I do not remember different prices previously. Maybe because the only other time I'd been there for lunch was a Sunday, but it's possible when the prices were lower that it was same all-day.

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                              Thanks. I saw the same on menupages, but wondered if it was accurate because I've never seen a lunch menu posted outside the restaurant.

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                            Loubia has been on their menu for at least a few years, but it may be that it was available only with chicken until a year or two ago.