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Nov 19, 2008 05:37 AM

lunch suggestions off 1-91 between Noho, MA & Woodstock, VT?

Hey all,
We will be travelling to Woodstock VT and was trying to find a good place to lunch on the way up and way back off of 1-91.... (willing to travel 15-20 minutes if need to). Any suggestions or comments welcome. We love Sushi, Thai, and anything asian,also LOVE a great brewpub. We are really up for any and all suggestions. Not at all familiar with this area so your help would be appreciated. Thanks to all!

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  1. Take exit 1 or 2 into downtown Brattleboro, all of the above are there. I'm sorry but don't remeber the names of the places.

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      I would get onto 89 North and take exit 1to Quechee. Have lunch at Simon Pearce. It's great food and only about 5 minutes from Interstate 91.

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        if you are driving all the way before stopping, i would second simon pearce in queechee. nothing asian on the menu, but the lunches are excellent and the setting (on the river) and place settings (glasses and tableware made on the premises) are really lovely. the lunch seating is preferable to the dinner, in my opinion. nice place.

        for really good brewpubs, there's not much open around lunch time, i'm afraid. and really, though there are some excellent pubs in brattleboro (esp. McNeill's), i've yet to visit one with much in the way of good food. the only one i can think of further north is seven barrels in west lebanon, nh (just where 89 and 91 meet). it is open for lunch, but although the food and beer there are serviceable, i find that my kids are generally more satisfied with the place than i am. if you head in the direction of hannover there are a few good places, but that's the opposite of the way you're heading.

        but avail yourself of simon pearce if you get the chance. even if yo just walk through the insanely expensive store/glass blowing parts, it's a very nice setting.

        also, i have never personally visited it, but i plan to stop at joy wah in bellows falls (almost halfway up, or so) the next time i drive that way. several people have commented that it's chinese menu is excellent and the setting looks great, too. haven't eaten there myself, so i can't attest to the food.

        i've eaten at simon pearce many times (my folks used to own a house in queechee) and it's very solid. not too many worthy food stops between there and northampton, however.

        anyway, have a great. trip. the times did a 36 hours in queechee thing earlier this year. might b some suggestions there as well.