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Nov 19, 2008 04:42 AM

Bimbibap near Bayside

My wife is pregnant and wants bimbibap tonight. But she doesn't want to go to a BBQ restaurant. Any suggestions near Bayside where I could take her. Thanks.

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  1. BCD, Book Chang Dong on 152-22 Northern Blvd sells a solid bimbimbap. Got me through my pregnancy. $10 regularly, $6.99 at lunch. My friend and I tried every Korean restaurants' bimbimbap from Cross Island Parkway straight down Northern Blvd to Flushing. We like their's the best plus they are 24 hours so if your wife has a craving at 11:30pm or 6 am, hey, you're the hero.

    1. Is BCD still good for bimbimbap or has somebody new emerged onto the scene on Northern Blvd ? I'm tempted to try some of the chicken places around there, but to be quite honest, I'm more in the mood for bimbimbap if it's still solid.

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        there hasn't been a return of the chicken places where each table has a large, almost 2-foot diameter griddle and the servers cook and chop up chicken with various veg, is there? there was one which I ate at about 8 years ago and loved it (near the LIRR overpass at broadway, on northern) but, none since.

        1. re: bigjeff

          That sounds great! A fusion of Korean chicken meets halal cart.
          I'd be interested too if one exists or has returned. ... Thanks bigjeff.