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Nov 18, 2008 09:31 PM

Thankgsgiving Dinner- away from Manhattan

Hi all,
Mum, sister and I are all seasoned Manhattanites looking to go out for Thanksgiving rather than cook. Sis had the great idea of finding an inn or something similar outside of the city (possibly reachable by train) and doing thanksgiving there to get a bit of a break from the city. We're not necessarily looking for a super traditional meal (I for one hate turkey), more like something that uses nice seasonal, fall-ish ingredients that gives the feel of Thanksgiving rather than all the traditional dishes. We're probably looking at a price range of about 300-350 for three, including a glass of wine apiece. Blue Hill at Stone Barns was the first spot that sprang to mind, but they're not open on Thanksgiving day. I'd be willing to be flexible about the day except that I'm leaving Manhattan on Friday.

Thanks in advance friends!

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  1. You'd probably do better to decide which areas outside the city you'd consider going to, then posting a query on the appropriate boards.

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      X2O in Yonkers would be a great choice. Great views and only a 20:00 train ride from Grand Central.

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        Second X20--looks like they're doing a 3 course menu for $60. It's not an inn, but a beautiful space with a gorgeous view and fabulous food, at a fraction of what it would cost in the city (and at Blue Hill...much better food too, imo!).

      I believe the following is doing a $36 three-course. You could call about the menu.
      Inn Spot on the Bay

      Also maybe Stone Creek Inn,

      Gurney's oceanfront, Montauk:

      All of them have "Inn" in the name and well below your price point, which may be good, or maybe not.

      North Fork Table and Inn is not open Thanksgiving day.