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Nov 18, 2008 08:23 PM

Middletown, CT - O'Rourkes and pizza

I am going to be in Middletown this weekend for a couple parties with my extended family. In between the festivities I have 4 meals - 1 dinner, 1 lunch, and 2 breakfasts. I will be with my wife and my 3 and 1 year old sons. A few questions on Middletown dining:

1. O'Rourke's - I have been for breakfast but never dinner. What is the dinner menu like? Seemed like a place you could bring kids at breakfast or lunch, what about at dinner? What would be the expected waits for a table at 8 a.m., noon, and 6 p.m.? My recollection of the old place was that it was all booths, so pretty tough with a party of more than 4. We have a few others joining us for a couple meals, would O'Rourke's be able to seat a table of 5 adults and 3 kids under 3?

2. Pizza - What is the best place to get a pizza in town?

3. Other - any other good casual spots that you recommend that would be kid friendly.


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  1. I really love Typhoon, it is honestly one of the best Thai resturants I have ever been to, and I live in NYC now. I think you should go there for dinner rather than O'Rourke's and stick to breakfast there. There are some great restaurants on Main St. now, I would reccomend (if its not too cold) strolling down Main St.
    If you dont have an aversion to Veggie restaurants ION (its only natural) has wonderful food (must try their sweet potato fries). Its fucky decor and accomadating staff would even make it a good experience for the kids.
    As for breakfast i would stick with O'Rourkes one day and maybe try one of the coffeehouses the other, Brewbakers has a wonderful menu, theyre fast, fresh, and there's plenty of space.

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        Thank god for spellcheck, i really should start rereading these think I would have learned by now, lol

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        I love that decor especially when coupled with an accomadating staff.

        1. And one more reallly kid-friendly place: Guida's

          It's actually in Middlefield, on the edge of Middletown. If it hasnt closed for the winter(?) and it has the MOST amazing hotdogs and hamburgs in the world.... I seriously have dreams about these things... The kids would love it for lunch.

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            I second Guida's--great hot dogs, love how they grill the buns!

          2. I second Typhoon. As for pizza, since moving here I've found the best to be DaVinci, however for table service, Illiano or First & Last. And I think I need to stop by ION to take in that decor!

            1. Is O'Rourke's open for dinner? It used to only be open only for breakfast and lunch and closed around 2 o'clock.

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                Dinner is available Friday and Saturday until 9p.m. But the above referenced decor and accomadating staff will be funny forever.

              2. O'Rourkes Diner in Middletown CT is amazing! Since reopening dinner is available Friday and Saturday until 9 pm. Dinner is not typical diner fare, for sure. I very highly recommended giving it a shot, as we enjoy it very much. 5 course, 5 star quality. Brian sure can cook. During the weekend O'Rourkes is often very busy for breakfast, but it is certainly worth the wait. They have two large tables to meet large parties needs. The best diner in the world!

                The best pizza is Da Vinci.

                Good Luck

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                  I just wanted to mention that we were watching an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives this week on the Food Network and O'Rourkes was profiled. It was a great episode and I think did the diner proud. I have only been to O' Rourles for breakfast, but am certainly inspired to try it for lunch or dinner.