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George's BBQ - 24th St - Mission, SF - Anyone been yet?

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Has anyone been to George's BBQ, a new-ish place on 24th, between S. Van Ness and Mission? When did it open? I just noticed it for the first time tonight.

Dave MP

George's BBQ
3231 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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  1. i picked up a quarter chicken dinner to go today on my way to work. they asked if i wanted "leg or wing?" and i asked for leg, which got me an all dark meat quarter (which i would've asked for anyways), a baked potato, and a choice of salad. the choices were three-bean, macaroni, and cole slaw. may have forgotten another option. they asked if i wanted sauce, and i said yes, although i don't think i would opt for it in the future.

    chicken was fine. the leg and thigh were tender enough, but nothing memorable. while walking down the cafeteria line, i noticed huge hunks of brisket and a pile of big, juicy looking sausages layered over a tray of spaghetti that looked rather overcooked. the potato was fine too, but probably would've been better hot (i ended up eating my meal lukewarm after getting to work and setting things up there). three bean salad was what i expected.

    the meal was a special, adding up to $6.50 including tax. i would never go out of my way to eat here, but its actually only a few blocks away, so i think i'll go back to check out the other offerings before making up my mind. i'm not crazy about the sauce. and i've had to endure several rants from a texas friend who insists they should "call it what it is" and remove the word "barbecue" from their name. yes, yes, i get it. it's not barbecue. but if you think of it as a rotisserie joint, i think it might be alright for a cheap meal.

    saw your rec for pastrami in the thread about the ridiculous attempt to rename 24th street. anyone else weighing in? any brisket reports? those large, juicy sausages? ribs?

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      To clarify, when your friend says they aren't bbq, is he/she saying they don't really smoke their meat?

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        Here's that link from the other thread

        George's BBQ
        3231 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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          walking by and looking at their rotisserie set up - I did notice the skewer of potatoes located right under the chickens ....... the chicken fat/juices dripping down onto the potatoes looked very seductive. A very clever set up ...... I imagine they would be pretty tasty.

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            It's also the way they are done by Roli Roti at the Farmers Markets. They are tasty but I prefer them browned a little more when I get hem home, if I get them home.
            Rosemary Roasted French Fingerling Potatoes
            Golden brown potatoes roasted under the rotisserie grills.

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              when I roast a chicken at home - I put thick slices of potato under the chicken. by the time the chicken is done the potatoes have a beautiful brown glazed crust and are full of chickeny flavor - heavenly!j

        2. i went a couple weeks back. overall impression: it was OK. i tried pastrami, chicken and ribs. the pastrami was the best, pretty flavorful. i wouldn't try either the chicken or the ribs again.

          the staff there were really nice and helpful. if i were in the neighborhood, i might try it again to see if they find their sea legs after opening, but i would not call this a destination quite yet.