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Dinner bet - where would you go?

I recently won a bet with a friend. He lost and now has to take me to dinner at any restaurant I desire in NYC. Having recently moved back to the metro area, I thought I'd ask my fellow chowhounds - what restaurant would you pick?

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  1. What's the budget? Is Masa an option?

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    1. re: snaporaz

      No budget! (He was a bit overconfident about winning.)

    2. Oh definitely Sushi of Gari!!!!!!!!!! i only go there on bets cause its sooooooo good but very pricey esp w drinks! Everytime I go its $500 for 2 people -we get the omakase and tons of great sake!!!! I like the eastside location

      1. For sushi-Masa, Kuruma, Yasuda
        For food-Del Posto, Per Se

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          Just went to Yasuda-hated it !!!! I was a frequent visitor but for some god awful reason , service and food sucked that night-what a dissappointment. I used to always enjoy.

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            Oh No, really. Damn, Hope it was a one time yucch.

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              Have to admit that Yasuda intrigues me - one of the owners of O Ya in Boston told me that she enjoys the sushi there.

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                Will be going Tuesday, 11/25, will report back

        2. Picholine. You'll get an incredible meal, your friend will know they lost a bet (when they see the check), but they won't be selling a kidney the day after.

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            One of my faves, I second Picholine!

          2. Per Se
            Daniel or Jean Georges
            Any of these would be the best reward I can imagine.

            I would recommend against Del Posto - if only because it can be hit and miss, whereas the four above never miss

            1. Per Se for quality and cost. Masa if you care to get the most dollars out of it AND you actually like what they serve. No point in wasting the money just to do so if you dislike the food.

              Others, as mentioned if you are not into just juicing the bill. JG, various sushi houses, etc. Skip Del Posto, Babbo is much more consistent and cheaper.

              You can always ring up the tab with a pricey wine at any establishment if you are trying to be vindicative. Ha

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                True Babbo is less expensive and more consistent, but the quality of the silence in Del Posto won me over, the comfort and setting worked as well.

              2. I think everyone has been in this situation before, although maybe not with an unlimited dollar amount attached. I am going to throw a twist here for you. As (dietndesire) points out, there is no sense going somewhere you may not enjoy whatever the price.

                So for fun and to add to the punishment, I suggest you go somewhere you have always wanted to go to where you heard good things...or simply go to your favorite little place. Make the reservations yourself and tell your buddy you have taken it upon yourself to do so.....but tell him you have decided on a very expensive place like Per Se. On the evening of collecting on your bet, tell him you would like to stop first for a drink...at the place you actually intend to dine at. When you see the expression(and relief) on his face, it will be priceless. Regardless of his means, you will not have taken advantage of him and there will be no hard feelings....but do play the angle you intend to order some Cristal or very rare and expensive French Red Wine as a prelude. No need to completely let him off the hook.

                This to me is viewed as a very classy thing to do for someone who's friendship you value......but you will still be able to trash talk to him regarding this bet, with some good natured fun.

                1. Per Se. Eleven Madison is very good also.

                  1. If you do like sushi, you really should go to Masa. It is one of the best meals i have in NYC, and most certainly the best sushi experience in Manhattan.

                    If you don't like sushi, I will go to Del Posto or Babbo and get the White Truffle tasting at this time. You can't really beat white truffle at this season!