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Nov 18, 2008 05:51 PM

Food gems in Udaipur and Kochi

I'm pretty conversant with the types of food available in both these places, and have done all the research, but I'd love to get some insider tips on food carts by a fort, or some little restaurant that guidebooks haven't heard of, or the must-have thing at the best place for it.

We'll be there in December. We're very experienced with all types of regional Indian food, and will go pretty far for a special something.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. have you been in Udaipur before? Its pretty heavily tourist infested. so that most of the eating places near the attractions are unappealing. I dont have any off the beaten track suggestions that havent been written up - there is a dal bhatta vendor just inside Chand Pol which who appears to be pretty popular, if youd like to try this rajasthani specialty. Our driver kept whizzing us by so we never got to sample.
    The Garden restaurant serves a decent gujarati thali. in pleasant surroundings at a moderate price. Mostly patronized by Indian tourists.
    Im sure there are other places serving a similar menu around town, but we did not search them out.
    We stayed at Amet Haveli and consequently ate at Ambrai several times - you have to struggle for well spiced food however here as everywhere. they made a quite good dish of gatte (a veg dish with chickpea flour dumplings) for me when I insisted on local specialties.
    Good luck and hope you report back!

    1. Sorry, I dont have any recommendations, but am currently living in Chennai and will be in Kochi in January, so will be very happy to hear your report and get some good tips! Have a wonderful trip!!