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Nov 18, 2008 05:19 PM

Where to buy fresh sheets of pasta

Does anyone know where to buy fresh sheets of pasta? I like making homemade pasta, but its such a hassle to make my own pasta from scratch. I'm guessing some place in the north end would sell them, but still searching. If someone knows of any place to buy fresh sheets that I can fill, I would greatly appreciate it.

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  1. Capone's sells full sheets. They have the primary store in Union Square and a second store in North Cambridge on Mass. Ave. If you choose the North Cambridge store, consider calling so they can make sure they have some in the store. A van goes between the two locations frequently.

    The sheets are sold as lasagna sheets, but I have run them through my pasta machine to make the sheets thinner for raviolis.

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      Pasta sheets are so easy and quick to make your own. You are better off buying a pasta machine or just use a rolling pin. Capone's is a good place for pasta. They even sell Type 00 flour for making pasta.

    2. Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis sells sheets. Again, they're sold as lasagna, but they roll the dough out when you purchase. In the past, I have asked them just to give me a hunk of dough, and I've rolled it out at home. Plus, they have multiple flavors (whatever's fresh that day).

      1. Russo's sells sheets next to the tortellini and ravs, at the end of the cheese counter across from the mushrooms. For that matter, I've bought pasta sheets at Whole Foods!

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          I vaguely remember buying sheets from fresh pond whole foods - eventually found it in the back of the cheese section, of all places.

        2. I have bought both pasta and ravioli dough from Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis. They will even roll it out to your desired thickness.

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            Foodie's in the South End also sells them, near the cheese and deli area of the store.

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              Dave's will also cut the pasta for you if you don't want just sheets.
              You can also find it a JPace's (Saugus - don't know about the North End location) and Wilson's in Lexington.

          2. Russo's in Watertown sells them, not sure if that is near you or not.