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Nov 17, 2008 09:48 AM

East Bay Thanksgiving Pies [split from Walkers Pie Shop closing thread]

So if Walker's is now closed, where in the East Bay would folks go for Thanksgiving whole pies? I wasn't a fan of Walker's food, but their pies were good.

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  1. Just a few blocks up, Lola's will make you very good pies. They are $20+ per pie - you will have to order in advance. Everything apple is great. There are other varieties from time to time, too. (I've seen small pumpkin tart-sized ones, too.)

    1. What kind of pie are you looking for? Where in the East Bay?

      FatApple's makes some good pies. Beckmann's which sells at farmers markets makes excellent pies, especially pumpkin and strawberry rhubarb. Bear Claw Bakery in Pinole does some really nice pies. Its All Good in Oakland makes an excellent sweet potato pie. Haven't tried it yet, but Sweet Adeline's supposedly makes a great lemon meringue pie. Berkely Bowl has some good pies in those white boxes, not sure the company. I like Lola's also, especially the blueberry in season. Some people like Bakesale Betty's a lot, but they are only ok for me.

      I wasn't a Walkers fan either, but they were the only non chain place that had a large selection of pies. The only thing comparable is Marie Calendars. Maybe it is time for someone to open a good pie shop like that. At this point gelato/ice cream has been done to death ... and cupcakes .. someone ... pie, please ... or hopefully Mission Pie will expand into the East Bay.

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        I'd go to Nation's before Marie Callenders. Nation's pies actually pretty good for traditional "diner" pies, and very reasonably priced. I love the lemon meringue, but Melanie reported positively about the apple and sweet potato one Thanksgiving:

      2. Pies are everywhere in the EB.... T-Rex will sell pies for Thanksgiving, as will La Farine, Crixa... I know there are others, I'm just blanking at the moment. Probably Masse's too

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          No,Masse's doesn't do pies. They do tarts. Haven't ever seen an American pie at any of the French bakeries, usually gallettes.

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            I bought a pumpkin pie from La Farine last year, and we all agreed it was the best we'd ever had.

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              Really? A real pumpkin pie? Not those lovely little tarts/gallettes with the cut out leaves? I've had the latter, but when it comes to pie, I need something more traditional. For me, Crixa barely squeaks by because it is deep dish and not in a traditional way. If they are doing regular pies, I'll give them another try.

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                Yep, regular traditional pumpkin pie. My family and I thought it was very good, definitely better than most, and fairly reasonably priced if I remember correctly.

                1. re: chemchef

                  I misread your reply. Since I wrote Masse's didn't have pies, but tarts, I went back to Masse's and NOT La Farine to see if they had pies.

                  Still the same situation at Masse's, either tarts or a deep dish pumpkin pie like Crixa. I did pick up a pecan tart for breakfast today.

                  Masse's has the prettiest baked goods. The tart had a cranberry with some delicious chocolate leaves and a pecan dipped in chocolate. That was the surprise, there was chocolate in the tart, making it more like a seven layer cookie. Not what one would expect, but very delicious and rich, rich, rich.

                  Dang. I was going to stop at La Farine, but it was just too rainy.

        2. A while back the Chron raved about the pecan pies from Adronico (in the Bakery dept.). The Chron was right! We now buy them for Thanksgiving and Xmas. But this will interest you only if you love pecan pie. If you do, be advised that you have to preorder them during the holidays--and they always sell out quickly.

          1. Anyone know if Bakesale Betty has any holiday pies?

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              I haven't checked this year (and it's a little late for Thanksgiving) but last year they had great pumpkin pies, and I think I remember a pecan.