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Nov 18, 2008 04:08 PM

Need a suggestion for Akron

My husband and I would like to take our adult nephew and his wife out to dinner. We are also brining along our three children. Could someone recommend a place in Akron that would be kid friendly and tasty?

Thank you,


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  1. Not sure what part of town you are looking for, but Crave (downtown) is a place that is both nice enough to feel like an adult dinner but relaxed enough to be comfortable with children. It's unique in that respect, as is the menu. You can select from fine dining to comfort food and it's all very good.

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      We went to Crave. It was a hit. We all enjoyed our meals(except for one picky daughter!) Our waiter was helpful he adapted dishes to meet our needs, our daughter wanted pizza but not spicy and he adjusted the cheese and sauce. The other children had sandwiches with fries. There is an unpublished children's menu but they chose dishes off the menu. The adults had salmon, duck , ribeye and pasta and everyone enjoyed their meal. I had the pasta and it was very good, with tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes and goat cheese. It was very flavorful though the pasta was stuck together some. It was so tasty I hated to complain.

      I would definetly return if I lived in the area. Thank you for the recommendation. It was very busy and I am glad we had reservations because I'm not sure they would have been able to seat us if we hadn't.


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        Glad the rec worked out. I thought it might meet your unique needs of being both grown up and comfortable with kids. It's also locally owned by a friend, the chef, which in my book is always a plus.

      2. Luigi's pizza, which IMO is the best pizza in Ohio (we drive from Cleveland to Akron regularly to get it) would be great. Be advised they are a cash only restaurant but well worth it. they do have an ATM on premisis. It's downtown near the university.

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          I agree...Luigi's pizzia is wonderful. I grew up on it, so I have a soft spot for it. I have another pizza suggestion for you as well. If you are ever around the Wooster area, try Coccia House pizza. IMO, it is even better than Luigi's (I regularly drive from Columbus to Wooster to get it). It too is cash owned since 1956 and literally built in what was once a house. Like Luigi's, there are plenty of old-school Italian dishes on the menu, most good to very good. However, the pizza is the real star. In particular, I recommend the pepperoni. They have it made specially and it has a nice spicy, garlicky kick. I hate to recommend to anyone what to get on their pizza because it's such a personal preference, but to me it's worth it in this case. Please let me know if you ever get a chance to try it!

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            Actually I had Coccia house pizza, many years ago after a coworker suggested it. I had it prebaked and finished it at home. It has been so long ago I really don't remember much about it. But I will have to get over there and try it again. Also when in Wooster if you like ice cream check out Hartzler's. It is very rich and good.


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              I don't think I've ever been to wooster nor have much occasion to go, but thanks for the suggestion!

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                I live in the Wooster area and I agree with the recommendations of Coccia House pizza and Hartzlers. I need to stop over at Hartzlers in the next few days to buy heavy cream for whipping and 2 Qts of their ice cream to serve with the T-day pie.

                I usually order the deluxe option on any pizza because it is pepperoni sausage mushrooms and dbl provolone cheese.

                Luigi's is very good, but some people are put off by the huge cockroach on the side of the neighboring building. Are you aware that Luigi's is the inspiration for Montonis pizza in Funky Winkerbean comic strip?

                Barberton chicken is a option if you have never enjoyed that local specialty.

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                  I've heard about barberton chicken but that's also pretty far, I don't even think I know exactly where it is, but if I ever have the option to have some, I definitely will.

                  I never noticed the cockroach. Unless it was a real one, it wouldn't bother me any.

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                    Barberton is a few miles west of Akron on I-76/224 at Cleveland Massillon. Rd The best places are either Milich's Village Inn, Hopocan Gardens or White house.

                    There was a very large(3-4') cockroach that was mounted on the wall of a neighboring exterminating business that some people objected to because it was visible from Luigi's dining room.

            2. Thank you both for the suggestions. They both sound good. I love pizza and I looked at Crave's website and it looks good, too. I'm not sure what part of town they live in so maybe we will go whichever is closer or let them choose. I'll try to report back and let you know how it goes.