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Nov 18, 2008 03:53 PM

caterers for company holiday luncheon in east hartford, ct

based on the economy we are scaling back our off -site holiday party. we're bringing it inside -- making it a luncheon vs evening event.

we need a really great caterer and entertainment ideas. i'm considering billy grant's bg catgering. any other thoughts?

the event is in east hartford in december. people are used to things on quite a grand scale, so we'd like to make it special, but affordable.

perhaps a two piece band? any recommendations? help!

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  1. I recomend Lucas & Co. Catered Events based in Simsbury CT. They also own the Perfect Pear Cafe. They catered my friends wedding 2 years ago and the food was terriffic and beautiful despite the fact that it was outdoors and over 100 degrees!
    Here is the link to their website.