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Nov 18, 2008 03:48 PM


Ive read about peking turkey, and have even had it at a restaurant.....I know Chinatown Brassarie is serving them this holiday; but I am interested in buying one to serve my family at home....anyone have any ideas?

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  1. really?? haha i might go there just to see that

    1. this may not be exactly what you are looking for, but I could have sworn that some of the Chinatown roast meat shops will roast Turkeys, in a similar manner to their Ducks, around Tgiving. Someone correct me if i'm wrong, and I could very well be imagining things, but I thought i've seen them. From there, you could probably do the fixins (you know, wrappers, onions, hoisin) yourself.

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        I read this, and I was like Peking Turkey? But you might be right because I remember my mother ordering a turkey (I actually think it was a whole catered meal) from her regular Chinese BBQ place for Christmas a few seasons ago... but that was in Flushing. There really wasnt anything 'Peking'-esque about it that I remember, it just tasted like roasted turkey.

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          to keep this on topic, I would inquire around Chinese BBQ places in Chinatown.

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          Yes, it's quite common for them to roast the turkeys and even substitute sticky rice for stuffing. But I don't think any innovative recipes are involved.

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            I saw it too FD, at 122 mott. a big one

          2. Turkey never struck it rich as a gobble gobble protein to serve in China because its meat is deemed too dry. CB's Joe Ng published a recipe for Peking Turkey last year - not sure if they are serving it though.


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              I saw a medium size turkey today in a Mott st. window.

            2. Do you know if the Turkey @ Brasserie has to be ordered in advance?