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Nov 18, 2008 03:19 PM

Fiscally Responsible Dining - What's Your Pick?

Well, the bank account isn't what it use to be, so I'm wondering what folks would suggest for more moderately priced restaurants that still combine great food with great ambiance in Boston or Cambridge. I love to dine out, whether it's a special occasion or just a nice evening out, but need to find places that have that certain something without that certain price tag.

What are your top picks? Any and all cusiines welcome.

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  1. I think the Eastern Standard is a great value and I like the feel of the place.

    Drinks are what really drive up the price of a dinner. A round of drinks for two in Boston these days can cost as much as a moderate priced entree. A decent bottle of wine, two entrees. Adds up in a hurry, so that's where we've been watching our dollars the most. That or we'll have four appetizers or three appetizers and an entree if we're looking to taste many different things on a menu.

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      E Standard is a good suggestion. What first came to mind for me was Rocca... and they have free valet parking to boot!

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        Isn't it just a free parking lot?

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          For those that haven't been... they have a large lot adjacent to the restaurant. When you drive up typically you are met by the valet who asks if you are going to the restaurant. You can have the valet take the car, or you can tell them you'd rather park the car yourself. In either case, it's free.

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      1. Elephant Walk in North Cambridge has good food (French/Cambodian), nice atmosphere, and decent service, and here's the best part: EVERY item on the menu is now under $20.

        1. What Garden at the Cellar lacks in decor and ambiance it more than makes up for with a delicious, reasonably-priced menu.

          I'd also recommend Hungry Mother.

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            I quite like the decor and ambiance at GatC but I have to agree the menu is very reasonably priced. Try the home made tater tots. Mmmm.....

          2. Another place that's got good chow, is a good scene and pretty reasonable is Stella in the South End... although it can be outrageously loud. A better dining experience there is going off peak when it's not as crazy. Also, their portions are large... can split a pasta order as an app for ex. (too much for one person to eat anyway).