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Nov 18, 2008 02:51 PM

wedding cake recommendations? Seattle

Hello out there to all cake aficionados. I'm seeking wedding cake recommendations! Taste trumps fancy decorations. It needs to feed about 150 with a good delivery history.

I've called Larsen's in Ballard, Whole Foods Roosevelt and Creme de la Creme Renton. They all seem to charge around $4.00 per piece, about $650, but I haven't tasted any cake yet.

My friend is getting married end of December in the Redmond area.

Any feedback of ideas welcome.
Thank you!

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  1. Not Redmond, but Maria, of Gelatiamo, in Seattle, does light and tasty Italian wedding cakes. Not too sweet, very nice. Gelato is there, too.

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      I called them, but I don't think they make wedding cakes anymore. We probably need to go with someone who does these on a regular basis. Thanks for the idea though.

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        You might find better information at
        Maria is from a long-time Italian baking family and continues the tradition of fine Itaian wedding cakes in Seattle. I recommend a conversation with her. I think you'll find her a delight to work with.

    2. Morfey's Cakes on S. Queen Anne has always been good. If you really want to splurge and cause a sensation, you can always go with Mike's Amazing Cakes, but it will be no where NEAR $4/svng.

      Morfey's Cake Shoppe
      110 Denny Way, Seattle, WA 98109

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        another vote for morfey's here. our cake was great and bill brought the cake to redmond himself and putit together on site for no stress cake goodness.

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          Hmphr. I'm reading good and bad things about Morfey's. I may check them out though. I thought they were like Borrachini's, which I recall from years ago being pretty cheap--uninteresting flavor/too sweet frosting. I'm bummed Macrina's wedding cake baker is not available that week. Renaissance Bakery is under consideration too. I'll definitely report back on this topic. Thanks for the ideas.

      2. Have you tried Sugar Cake Studio on Elliott Ave downtown Seattle? I took a wedding cake workshop from Tobey Rodriguez last September and was able to help my friend make a wedding cake for $275.00 that served about 80-100 people. It was a delicious cake, everything was made from scratch. And she does cake tastings too.

        Sugar Cake Studio
        110 Elliott Ave W, Seattle, WA

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          Sugar did the cakes for my own wedding last year, and I can highly recommend them. We went with non-traditional (tres leches & bread pudding), and they were happy to cook up multiple test batches and go through tastings with us until they were just right. They are also super nice. I can't recommend them strongly enough.

        2. We had excellent luck with Macrina Bakery. The cake is wonderful - moist and delicious. The icing is yummy too. They are in that price range, but people told me it was the best wedding cake they'd ever eaten. They are incredibly professional and reliable as well. I highly recommend them.

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            Thank you all! I'll look into all those suggestions.

          2. The Erotic Bakery is on 45th just east of the University district.