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Nov 18, 2008 02:45 PM

Tokyo - Lumine Est - Shinjuku

I've eaten at Nabi to Kamado before located on one of the Lumine Est restaurant floors and enjoyed it a great deal, my first sampling of Okinawan food, I still remember the wonderful umi budo don I had washed down with some potent awamori.

Are there any other recommended places on either of the restaurant floors in Lumine Est? I've generally heard good things and remember thinking that some of the places I saw on route to Nabi to Kamado looked enticing.

Any suggestions/thoughts appreciated.

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  1. As mentioned just a few weeks ago in the New Year's thread, the tempura shop Tsunahachi Rin is quite good, and I've also had good experiences at Maimon. Gumbo and Oyster Bar is nice if you just want oysters and a glass of wine.

    There's also a slew of new shops that opened when they recently remodeled and rebranded.

    1. I had Japanese style pastries on Ducky Duck on the 7th floor a few days ago; it is a good place to take a break from the hectic activities there. Maimom's ultra modern izakaya style looks cool but I did not get to try it though.

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        I actually just went to Ducky Duck today with my wife, daughter, and MIL. The wait staff was very friendly and there were plenty of young couples and various other people ..some having lunch, some just enjoying the chiffon cakes, crepes, other desserts.

        My cheesecake wasn't bad, though a tad sweeter than I like it. It was made with Australian cream cheese.

        My wife had a banana-tea creme tart that was the tastiest of the lot. My MIL had earl gray chiffon cake that tasted much better than i would have thought. It was very light yet it had a nice earl gray flavor.

        I'll try to upload some pictures later.

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          I've never been to a Ducky Duck before, it's kind of Western food right? French/Italian by way of Japan ? ??

          1. re: lost squirrel

            No, it is just a typical pastries restaurant that serves the Japanese version of western pastries. I had the strawberry cream cake that is quite popular in Japan.