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Nov 18, 2008 02:42 PM

New Mari Luna LATIN Grille

Has anyone been to the new Mari Luna yet? Any recommendations?

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  1. And has anyone found a menu for the Latin Grille online yet? Their main website lists only the menu for the original location.

    1. Went Tuesday night - had guest from out of town and told them how delicious the shrimp soup was at the original Mari Luna. Poor planning on my part - I think the Grille only has Mexican fare on Mondays when the original location is closed. Anyway, the interior of the Grille is nice....semi open kitchen, bar in front. The menu is definitely Latin - side dishes are heavy on the carbs - plantains, yucca, beans, potatoes - not much for my diabetic brother in law to choose from. We ordered shredded beef, beef short rib, Peruvian chicken, and a salmon in mango/star anise sauce. I found the chicken to be very tasty and juicy but this was my first Peruvian chix experience so I don't have much to compare it to. Came with two sauces which were excellent. I think the short rib was the star of the show - especially the next day when I reheated what my sister had left in my fridge. The server was kind of scattered, but nice - almost as if it was her first day of work. She had to make two trips for every request but was earnestly trying. Entree portions seemed quite large...we didn't have room for dessert. I would go back again, but might try on Monday, just to see what the mix is.

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          Good question...will have to ask the husband and get back to you.....