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Nov 18, 2008 02:40 PM


turkeyday is fast approaching and i'm in search of the AWESOMEST pumpkin pie in the area... was originally gonna go with the filling station's famed one, but am leaning more towards the ones at josie and urth... has anyone tried both?? plzzzz.. i need HELPPPP~

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  1. I've only tried the une at urth and it was to die for! I highly reccomend it.

    1. I have not tried Josie, but the Urth version is fantastic and is actually where I ordered my own Thanksgiving pie. Some places the filling is good but not the crust, or vice versa. With Urth, everything is great. Whole pie goes for $40, which is an absolute splurge but ... it's Thanksgiving.

      1. Jonna's pecan pumpkin pie is a masterpiece. She has won awards for her pastry skills for many a good reason, so Josie definitely! A good list of a few TG ideas here

        1. Main differences: Urth Cafe's pumpkin pie is huge and has a non-traditional graham cracker crust. Josie's pumpkin pie is standard size and has a traditional pie crust. I think their prices are very similar (approx. $30), so you get a lot more pie for your money at Urth. Both pies are tasty, but I prefer Josie's version for the traditional crust. It's one of the best pie crusts I've had anywhere. Too bad it serves only 6-8 people max.