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Five Spice Powder---What's your favorite recipe?

I just got very fresh five spice powder. I have used it in a short rib recipe for the crock pot and it was terrific. Do you have any great uses for it?

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  1. Not really a recipe, but I love to marinate boneless chicken thighs in soy and 5-spice and then throw them on the grill. Very quick and tasty.

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      Hi, I love to use it on pork, but also on my salmon (when doing a salmon papillote- a little parchment envelope of salmon fillet topped with fennel, oil, the 5 spice and lemon or orange slice and a little sesame or just olive oil), its great in a stir fry, or for an asian twist on many, many other dishes im probably forgetting! enjoy!

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        we like to braise pork dishes with it - pork with some fat attached and mushrooms.. .

        also chicken thighs and potatoes with some wine, soy and the 5spice powder.

        fish, grilled - 5 spice powder in yogurt sauce etc...

        there are lots of uses for this thing, including baked apples and potato wedges.

      2. Can you grill at this time of year? If so, please do try this from Epicurious...it is awesome! I live in Florida...grilling is done, well, yeah, all year 'round. I do know of people who shovel paths to their grills in colder climates....


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          We live in Philadelphia and it is cold now...but my husband is reall great in his willingness to cook on the grill once in awhile. I'm going to make this recipe. Thank you..it sounds delicious. I also liked the ideas of using the spices on fish.

        2. I have discovered that a touch of five spice powder is THE secret ingredient in Chinese fried rice. Just a light touch, because a lot goes a long way. Since I have been adding it, the family has been raving about the fried rice.

          1. I put it in my most recent and most successful butternut squash soup.

            1. I know thses are basic questions, but.....I got whole spice, five-spice powder. Should I ground just what I need for this recipe and leave the rest whole? Also, do you toast the spices first before grinding? And finally are you keeping the spices in a cupboard or in the freezer? Thank you!

              1. Hi DaisyM,

                I recently wrote about a meal we made with five different five spice dishes. You might find some recipe ideas there. http://www.phoo-d.com/2008/10/five-sp...

                My favorite recipe is from Wholefoods for a five-spice honey chicken. It's really wonderful. Most five spice recipes call for ground five spice. You could toast the spices first if you wanted to increase the flavor, though I wouldn't do this in large batches - only about as much as you need for the recipe. The rest will store better if it isn't toasted. I keep my spices in a cupboard which isn't exposed to light or heat. They are good for 6 months - 1 year depending on the spice. I also made a five spice ice cream (recipe from Gourmet) that used the whole spices. It was really good, an interesting blend of sweet and heat in the ice cream.

                Have fun! Five spice is great!


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                  Hey, thanks so much! That chicken looks amazing. I will try it. Thank you!

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                    You bet. Let me know how it turns out. I think an important part of the chicken recipe aside from the five spice is the Leatherwood Honey. It gives an awesome musky note to the dish. You could probably substitute a different kind dark honey with good results if you can't find Leatherwood (I have to order mine online).

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                      Phoo-d, I was also thinking about this recipe. Very tasty. Love 5 spice with most things.

                2. While five spice is wildly used in Chinese cuisines, there are a few classic combinations:

                  Five spice with duck
                  Five spice with pork belly
                  five spice with minced pork
                  five spice with beef brisket

                  A lot of these dishes require long simmering in low heat so that the flavor of the 5 spice can fully penetrate into the meat

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                    I do a porkbelly rub with it as well.

                  2. There's a 5 spice honey chicken recipe from Kylie Kwong on Food Network Canada that's really tasty. My husband loves it. Kylie use to be on the Discovery Home network before it became Planet Green.

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                      Planning on a five spice kettle corn. I've never tried but it tastes good in my head.

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                        I just googled it. Is this also called Red Chicken? It looks very interesting!

                        1. Wonder if you could add a dab to your hot chocolate.

                          1. not really a dedicated recipe for it, but it came in very handy when i discovered, mid-recipe, at 11 p.m. the night before Thanksgiving that i was out of allspice for my ginger-molasses cake. subbed five-spice powder for the allspice, cut back on the black pepper, and it worked out beautifully. which makes me think it would be great in most gingerbread recipes....

                            1. APPLE PIE!!! We used 1tsp of the five spice powder to replace all the different quantities of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves in our apple pie for Thanksgiving. Best apple pie I've ever tasted.

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                                sounds good to me - after using it in my ginger cake i was thinking it would be wonderful in apple pie.

                              2. Yesterday I toasted , then ground it and added to roasted acorn squash. It was wonderful.