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Nov 18, 2008 02:36 PM

chelsea...visiting NYC from Toronto

Will be visiting NYC..staying in the Chelsea neighborhood.
Chowhounds in Vegas and Tahoe have helped me I thought I would
ask fellow chowhounders in NYC for some advice.

-food stores to visit
-cheese stores to visit
-good places where a single female traveller would feel comfy...meaning I dont
want to sit alone at a stuffy restaurant. Does that make sense?
-any websites that can lead me to food "events"..cheese courses...that might be
taking place while I visit.

I will not have a car.

Thanks again for your assistance.

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  1. You'll have better luck if you provide more details. New York has so many specialty foiod stores (unlike TO-where I kived for many years) that asking for recs for "food stores" isn't much help. Be as specific as you can - are you looking for food from any particular country or region, "New York" type specialties such as bagels, pastrami,, locally produced specialties? You get the idea.

    As for cjheese stores, my favorites in the city include Murray's on Bleeker Street, and DiPaolo on Grand St for unbeatable Italian cheeses and other Italian specialty items.

    The Union Square Greenmarket (held Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat - with Saturday having the biggest selection) is a must in my book for anyone seriously interested in food. Even at this time of the year- a great selection of everything from produce and baked goods to fabulous cheese (look for 3 Corner Field Farm for amazing Sheep's milk cheeses as well as cheese from Artisinal cheese stand), natural raised pork (Flying Pigs is my fav) beef and chickens, great eggs, a stand that only sells dozens of different fresh chiles, and many other specialty items.

    As for restaurant recs - there are hundreds of restaurants in New York where a single diner will feel welccme. What type of food do you like, price range?

    And by the way, most people in Manhattan don't drive cars in the city even if they own one. They use public transit. Please plan on using the subways while you're here. It's fast, safe and a great way to get around.

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    1. re: Ann900

      thanks for your post ann900.

      I looked up "murray's cheese" and would be very interested to take one of their classes.
      However I would love a chowhound recommendation that its worth it!! So again..please advise.

      Wondering if I can find "beer event"....i missed one that will be held on nov. 14th. that I read about on the NY board. But that would have been something I would definetely have attended. I would go to a wine event too..but beer is my first choice.

      As for the type of food stores that im seeking....spice stores, olive oil stores, gourmet specialty stores, stores that specialize in nuts, name it...I will go there if its related to food. LOL.
      Thanks for the recommendation of The Union Square Greenmarket...sounds right up my alley.

      As for restaurants....I would like to try a tasting menu (I have read some posts already and will have to do some further research) and probably something "cheap and cheerful"...i.e good burrito, good burger,

      thanks again.

      1. re: domesticgodess

        For a single diner looking for a tasting menu, you can't do better than Degustation. You can have a 5 or 10 course tasting ($50 and $75), and you sit at a counter (like a sushi bar) and watch the food being prepared in front of you. The food is superb and the service excellent. It is a real gem.

        1. re: rrems

          I was reading some posts..and there seems to be a lot of tasting menus out there. The post about degustation was mostly written in 2007.
          Other places that were mentioned: WD-50, Bouley, Gordon Ramsey, JG, Esca and Bouley. HELP!!! Soon I will go look up each individual restaurant to help me decide. However I am always happier to hear from fellow chowhounders.

          Other places I would be interested to go to:
          Mary's Fish Camp...
          Dumplings at the Dumpling House
          and the Spotted Pig seems to get rave reviews on this site.

          How am I doing?...are these places "worthy"....???

          Thanks again.

          1. re: domesticgodess

            I prefer Pearl Oyster Bar to Mary's, though it's not open for lunch on the weekends. I've had a nice solo late lunch at Spotted Pig, so I think you'd be just fine there eating on your own, and it's a nice walk from Chelsea. Here's a list of a lot of my favorite chow-ish places in Village/Soho/Chinatown:


    2. Chelsea Market is a huge converted commercial bakery building that now houses several fine retail bakeries, gourmet shops, fish and produce markets, tea room, restaurants, wine shop, etc. Kind of a fun place to wander through for a bit. You can have a sit-down meal or grab a quick bite to go at the fish market or one of the bakeries.

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      1. re: foodacious

        a friend recommended:
        BLT market
        Bread Bar at Table
        Blue Ribbon Brasserie
        Schillers Liquor Bar

        I would love to hear from fellow NY chowhounders about the above recommendations.
        Thanks again for the suggestions to visit Chelsea well as the list of stores that would interest me. Perfect!!

        1. re: domesticgodess

          As you are staying in Chelsea, try La Taza De Oro on 15St and 8th for Spanish/Puerto Rican fare. Nothing fancy, but hearty, inexpensive and reliable. For bagels, try Murray's on 23rd St and 8th Ave or Brooklyn Bagels on 8th between 24th and 25th Sts. Have fun!

          1. re: domesticgodess

            I'm a big fan of the Bread Bar at Tabla, but the place has its detractors. I've been to Boqueria once and liked it, particularly the mushroom croquetas - I prefer Casa Mono, but Boqueria might be a litle less expensive. Same comment about Schillers (minus the croquetas) vs. Balthazar.

        2. I live in Chelsea and would encourage you to leave the neighborhood for truly great food (with some exceptions--taza de oro is a great suggestion). I love walking to Bleecker (gourmet ghetto) and doing a mini village food tour: tasting cheese at Murray's or getting a grilled salami & mozzarella sandwich, go next door to Amy's for red velvet cake (avoid Magnolia at all cost), either Bleecker street pizza or Joe's for a slice, Blue Ribbon Bakery on Downing for different breads, proscuitto bread at Faicco's (next door to Murray's) and finish up with a Paneer Kati Roll (from Kati Roll on Macdougal). A cute coffee shop that I love with pretty good food and totally comfy when dining by my lonesome--Doma on Perry street (also in the village).

          1. Oh about the Murray's cheese classes, the classes are pretty good but I have tons of fun just tasting different types of cheeses (they are pretty good with letting you taste) until i find something I really like.

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            1. re: bussy26

              thanks bussy26 for the recommendations..sounds like a perfect afternoon stroll for me.
              Good to hear that Murray's cheese classes are pretty good. Im signing up...LOL.
              Thanks again.