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Nov 18, 2008 02:04 PM

Bina open

This place has been under construction..corner of Avery/ 1 of the Ritz towers..from the owners of Lala Rokh and Bin Inoteca.

I I stopped in for a last night for a drink when I saw they were open...first night for the general oublic..Italian restaurant and market.

As you enter, the shop is on the right. Free wine sampling and seemed to have a good selection of Italian hams and sausage, cheeses and veggies..few prepared food, gelato.

On the left side is the bar and restaurant, very slick..sort of a South beach design with large couches

A drink at the bar next door..nice glass of Bin 26 Rosso..bartender offered us a dessert or app on the "house." Delicious grapefruit sorbet with a little sweet candy and 'cookies." The bartender said they want to attract people from the neighborhood and the owner had encouraged the bartenders to do this; to introduce themselves to the neighborhood.

Interesting dinner menu with prices at the high mid level.

Nice addition to the area.

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  1. I also stopped in last night. For anyone who cares, they will be selling Clearflour bread (a huge plus in my book). They will also be creating to-go sandwiches at the store. The produce offerings were meagre and had no prices displayed, but that's probably not too big an issue because I don't think most people will be going there for fruit or vegetables. Everyone was very friendly and as someone who works in the Downtown Crossing area, but lives elsewhere, this is a very convenient place for me to pick up some quality items on my way home. I'm glad they've arrived.

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      Any idea when they will have sandwiches? I stopped in yesterday and didn't see anything. Thanks

      1. re: mats77

        No, the guy I talked to had to ask someone where the bread was coming from, so while he was pleasant and helpful, he didn't have all the info at his fingertips. I may to the restaurant for lunch tomorrow (if I don't have gym guilt) - if I do, I'll ask what's up and report back.

        1. re: mats77

          I stopped into the Alimentari yesterday and the manager told me that next week they were going to have more offerings in terms of prepared food (pastas and vegetables) and the week after (i.e., after Thanksgiving) they hoped to be running on all cylinders and having a full offering of prepared food and sandwiches.

          I also got some veal meatballs in a meat/tomato type of sauce to go from the store. Six of them cost about $12.50 but they were great. Tender, juicy and cooked medium/medium rare. I would get them again in a heartbeat. Hopefully the rest of their food is on par.

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