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Nov 18, 2008 02:03 PM

Office Christmas Party Suggestions

Due to my displeasure with last years office party at Serrano's, my boss has designated me the planner. :-) Looking for suggestions in a similar price range in the Arboretum area or with 10 miles either way. Thanks!

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  1. NXNW Restaurant and Brewery, 10010 Capital of TX Hwy N, has two areas that should suit - the private Cascade Room which holds up to 40 persons, and the Pavilion which accommodates up to 80 (but the latter is a bit weather dependent). The food is good and reasonable, and they usually brew something special for the holidays, but, if not, what's not to like Bavarian Hefeweizen?

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      I would not recommend NXNW. A coworker talked our boss into taking our group there and it was horrible. Bad service, slow, wrong orders, terrible food. At least the manager came to our table afterward and apologized, but it would have seemed more sincere a little earlier in the meal. I will not be going back, not for food anyway.

    2. Dave & Busters?
      What about the places in the Domain? They might work with you about a catering type package.

      1. There is a room in the bar at the Daily Grill that would be great for an office Christmas party. Of course, I have no idea how may people you need to accommodate or if you are planning a sit down dinner or cocktail type of event.

        1. Mirabelle (near Mesa and Spicewood Springs/Steck) has a nice private room.