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Nov 18, 2008 12:49 PM

Need help - 6 teenagers for dinner on Saturday

Help! I'm taking my daughter, who is turning 16, to Boston on Saturday with 5 of her girlfriends. They'll do the holiday stuff at Faneuil Hall and then I want to take them out to dinner. I was hoping for some place located around Faneuil Hall or in the North End. The problem is that I can't think of anyplace that will work. Of course, I'd prefer someplace that takes reservations and that won't be outrageously expensive. A red sauce type of place in the North End that either takes reservations or won't be mobbed around 6/6:30 would be perfect! Anyone with any ideas for me? Thanks!!

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  1. Nothing I can think of in Faneuil Hall that fits the description -- you'll run into either bad food, high prices, or a no reservation policy, maybe more than one of these at the same spot. You might consider the following red sauce places in the North End, in descending order:

    Antico Forno

    These ought to be able to hold a party of 6, will dish out excellent to very good food, shouldn't kill your budget, and likely take reservations, but I'd recommend you call first and see if they do take reservations. Chances are anyplace that's good in the North End (and some that aren't) will be mobbed on Saturday night.

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      Thanks so much for the list - I'll check them out!

    2. Not red sauce, but 16 year olds might like Wagamama in F. Hall. They'd also have fun at the Hard Rock. A short walk up to the Govt. Center T stop is the Kinsale for Irish pub food.

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        Does Wagamama take reservations? I didn't think so, but could be wrong.

        Hard Rock and Kinsale likely would take reservations. And none of these would be prohibitively expensive.

        Whether the food at any of these will appeal to anyone over 16 with working taste buds is another question. Mom may have to rough it if she's a Chowhound -- ah, the sacrifices you make for your youngsters. :-)

        1. re: bachslunch

          Yup, I was trying to avoid the Hard Rock but I also know the girls would probably like it. So it's a maybe on the list. Thanks for all the ideas. If there's any other place outside of the North End that something thinks might work, by all means, let me know!

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            Well the other standby answer for this is Fire & Ice on Clarendon St. The kids love it, or so I'm told.

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              Good idea but already done recently by another birthday girl!

      2. Open Table shows a table for 6 at Olives at 530pm. If you can make that work, I'd take it.

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        1. re: WineTravel

          Olives has several hurdles I can see here for the OP:

          -it's in Charlestown.
          -it's an expensive, kind of dressy place.
          -it's not necessarily a good bang for your large number of shelled out bucks foodwise.
          -it's not a place I'd recommend to a bunch of 16 year olds, with or without their mom in tow.

        2. What about Maggiano's, just off the Boston Common - family style lunch and dinners.

          Would 16year olds appreciate Cheer's and how it influenced the show or v/s? there is a location in Faneuil Hall which has a replica bar as it appeared on the set of "Cheers". As well as the original on Beacon St.

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          1. re: lexpatti

            Yes, Olives definitely does not fill the bill on any level. You might have trouble getting a reservation for 7 at that time in the N. End this late. I tried Cantina and the only time they had was 9 PM. Hard Rock might be your best bet. Get a burger and grin and bear it. I looked at their website where you can request a reservation, but they call it "priority seating".

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              How 'bout Massimino's on Endicott St? It's kind of on the edge of the Nortth End, so not as much of a hike, has a rep as a good red sauce restaurant, and may not be so crowded.

              Just an idea.

              1. re: justbeingpolite

                Massimino's is a small place, and it might be tough to get a party of 7 in there, especially if there's a Bruins or Celtics game that evening.

            1. re: jajjguy

              Does Durgin Park take reservations? I didn't think so, though I could be wrong. They'd be a reasonable option otherwise.