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Nov 18, 2008 12:35 PM

6 in 1 tomatoes in palm desert

I am looking for 6 in 1 tomatoes in palm desert. I have looked in ralphs, jensens, and albertsons. Please if anyone has seen them let me know. thanks rodeo

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  1. Not sure what 6in1 tomatoes are. But I spend about 1 weekend per month in Palm Desert and am thinking about moving there full time. However, my big problem about doing so is the fact that the food sources are so poor. In the Bay Area the tomatoes from June to November are unbelievable, at least from farmer's markets, but even from the better supermarkets.
    So you sound like someone I need to talk to about our local PD resources! Sometimes I dispair and think that the whole town is martini and surf and turf paradise. Then fortunately, something decent will turn up to string me along.
    Anyhow, share your discoveries!

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    1. re: pspjac

      Don't know where to find them, but here's my photo of the 6 in 1 canned tomatoes from a taste-off. It's a great product made by Escalon,

      Tomato taste-off

      1. re: pspjac

        Have you been to the Palm Desert street fair, Bristol Farms, Jensens, Trader Joe's, Fresh & Easy Market, and the big Vons Pavillions on Bob Hope?

        I can't honestly say I've found any difference between Palm Desert and LA in terms of produce quality, although PD lacks the cheaper big ethnic supermarkets such as Superior. Sometimes I'd even bring the tomatoes back home to LA from the street fair. However, you might need to be reminded that the season is earlier in the Coachella Valley than you are used to in the Bay Area.

        1. re: mlgb

          Palm Desert does not have big ethnic supermarkets within the city limits, but if you drive a few minutes south along Highway 111 you will find Cardenas Market in Indio. It is a fantastic market and part of the Cardenas Chain which is centered in Riverside County.

        2. re: pspjac

          Ordering direct from Escalon I pay $16.50 for 6 28 oz. cans with shipping included.

        3. Why not the best canned tomatoes in the world -- San Marzano's from Italy -- available at Jensen's, Bristol Farms, and, probably, Henry's, all in the Coachella Valley?

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          1. re: sbritchky

            I use San Marzanos more often than 6 in 1. But they're very different products. 6 in 1 is very ripe and naturally sweet, almost like tomato jam and for certain applications, it has no substitute.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              melanie where do you find your 6-1 tomatoes. i know you can order them online. i just do not want to buy to many with out ever having them. thanks rodeo

              1. re: rodeo

                Sorry, I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, so can't help you in Palm Desert. Up here we can buy then in Italian delis, e.g., Traverso's in Santa Rosa, and I've also seen than at Rainbow grocer in SF. Fwiw, Delfina in SF uses 6 in1 for its pizza sauce. Any old-time Italian markets in your neighborhood?

          2. 6 in 1 tomatoes are generally packaged in number ten cans....I cannot ever recall seeing them in retail supermarkets. Your best bet is to find out if there is a restaurant wholesale food supplier who is open to the public. Here in the NYC area they are known as Cash and Carry Stores. The 6 in 1 products are used mostly by Italian restaurants and pizzeria type establishments. Inquire with any type of private sector food place and ask them if there are any businesses in the area that fit that bill or the names of the food service suppliers local to the Palm Springs area.

            1. I've never seen them retail in Manhattan. I order them from Pennsylvania Macaroni Company.


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              1. re: JoanN

                I buy them on the retail shelf in Northern Calif in ~ 30 ounce cans. Since it's a "local" product and made without preservatives, organic grocers carry 6 in 1.

                It definitely has the taste that I associate with old-school, red sauce Italian-American fare.

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  Just curious, if you recall, how my mail order source compares in price to your retail source. I always thought PennMac was reasonably priced, but I only buy from them what I can't find locally--the Escalon tomatoes and the Ezzo pepperoni--for making pizza.

                  1. re: JoanN

                    For the smaller can (~ 30 ounces), probably $2, plus or minus 25ยข or so.

                    1. re: Melanie Wong

                      Here in Fresno, Sam's Deli carries the 28 oz for 2.99, and the 105 oz for 7.99

                      1. re: PolarBear

                        As I mentioned before, 28 oz.cans are 2.75 each ordered direct from Escalon in a case of 6. (16.50 shipping included) No chance of getting old stock either.

              2. If you find your way to San Diego, take a look at Assenti's Pasta. I haven't looked recently, but they used to carry 6 in 1. (You can also check out Mona Lisa, across the street from Assenti).