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Nov 18, 2008 11:58 AM

Samphan-New Thai in Eastern Market

I walked by Samphan yesterday and saw that it was open (that went up fast!). Has anyone been? This is close enough to my office that it can be a lunch option (although I tend to go to Old Siam for thai).

It's nice to have more options in the area. I can't wait for Matchbox to open and whatever is going into Bread and Chocolate (I'm voting for a deli, but I always vote for a deli :) )

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  1. I know nothing about the Thai place (but would be interested; I love Thai) but I do wish Matchbox would hurry up and open. They've been delayed for months.

    Good news (for me at least, sorry no deli for you) - Pain de Quotidien is going in where Bread and Chocolate was.

    1. you're right that was fast.

      we had delivery from Sanphan last night (Saturday).

      1. they said 35 minutes for delivery, 35 my @$$ it was more like 20 minutes. and they had the gall to be polite and really nice to boot. hrumph.

      2. we ordered old standbys and didn't ask for any level of spice. just to see, a good reference point IMO for marking a new place. nice, not bland at all and not over the top. interesting after taste, I thought it had good layers. I'd gauge it an "American" medium, as in not completely dumbed down - but a pleasant and light, back-of-the-head tingle.

      3. crispy spring roll maybe could have spent 20 more seconds in the fry, but definitely crispy and not greasy or gummy.

      I wish they could come in at a lower price-point, but a pretty good Thai that delivers - hey, cool by me. and a better use of space than HK ever was.

      welcome addition as far as I'm concerned.

      1. We ordered a ton of food from here last night and were really dissapointed. Although the delivery was fast and everything was hot, the food itself was pretty terrible. The drunken noodles (w/ pork) had almost no flavor and the meat was so overcooked I couldn't even chew it - i had to spit it out. The pad prik king was also overcooked and underseasoned, and was swimming in oil. The green curry w/ chicken was slightly better than the other two, but it was overyly sweet and gloopy.

        We also had several apps - larb gai, num tok, and fish cakes. These were better than the entrees but still not super. The "free" spring rolls w/ our order were horribly tasteless and cardboard-like.

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        1. re: scotcheroo

          While I think it's a step in the right direction for the neighborhood, the take away I recently had was middling, a regrettable commonplace with ethnic eateries in the district, in particular Thai. The staff running the place are certainly nice enough. Matchbox, on the other hand, is a highlight for the neighborhood.

          1. re: scotcheroo

            I must have ordered on a good night - too bad. even if they improve, I'm guessing you won't be back.

            I still prefer Old Siam - but they don't deliver, and on some nights...