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Nov 18, 2008 11:38 AM

Mouse in the oven!

Our tenant's oven was home to a mouse/mice for a short period, before they were caught. Now the oven stinks to high heaven when it's turned on. There is no longer a mouse in there -- I'm convinced, as are all the others who have searched for a dead mouse, including an expensive appliance repairman.

But unlike when my own oven stank of mice briefly, the smell will not burn off, even at 400 degrees for hours! We've tried everything, including some fancy auto deodorizer. Any ideas before we have to buy a new oven?

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  1. Coffee is supposedl to be a good agent for removing smells. Maybe try filling a roasting pan or two with coffee beans or ground coffee and leaving it in the oven for a few hours (at a safe temperature so it wouldn't burn and leave its own nasty smell).

    1. Im guessing the mouse urine had dripped down into places that are not going to be cleaned or burned off without pulling the stove out, possibly turning it over etc and scrubbing like crazy.

      1. Well, I wonder if the repairman replaced the oven insulation, or if that even is an option on that brand of oven? I highly suspect the critter has nested itself very deep into the oven shell. (Most ovens are made with an inner box, a layer of glass insulation, then an outer box. That is what I call, the oven shell.)

        I would have not wasted any money on deodorizers because you are dealing with animal decomposition, of which heat of any kind will likely burn the stench right in. Unless, of course, you can reach the ultra high temperatures to that of cremation levels for roughly 24 hours, but that would destroy most household ovens.

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          I think you are right about the insulation, but I couldn't find any appliance repairperson who was willing to replace the insulation. So instead, we have to replace the whole oven!

          1. re: RShea78

            Agreed. I would bet that it is the indulation ... but you should be able to see that when the oven has been pulled out.

            1. re: jlawrence01

              Not necessarily, if the critter dug toward the front of the oven. Our neighbor had one dig all the way to the front where the oven door light switch is located.

          2. Well when you get a mouse caught in the ventilation of an automobile, you usually have the expensive option or tearing apart the dash to remove the critter, or let nature take its coarse with decomposition. it may take a few months for it to decompose . . .

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            1. re: Rick

              You maybe right (guessing wise), but we can be talking as much as 6 months in the extreme desert like conditions. Or around 6 months 24/7 at 200 degrees.

            2. I suggest you phone a fire and water restoration company. I used to work as an insurance adjuster and these companies' are skilled at cleaning anything and everything, including appliances. Look under fire & water restoration in the yellow pages.