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New burrito place at Queen and Greenwood

I just caught a glimpse of this place driving by the other day. It's on the west side of Greenwood at Queen.

The name escapes me. Does anyone know anything about it?

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  1. Haven't been, but a friend has. Been told its chinese-burrito fussion-esque and quite good, if not different.

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      It's called Chino Locos Tasty Good Burritos and it is excellent. I was wary of the "chinese-burrito" fusion but they've melded the flavours really well. I'm a burrito purist but their "off 'da hook" burrito with spicy beef and edamame beans/chow mein was addictive. i spoke with the owner last week and he said they're getting lamb shank in this week. I'm glad a suitable replacement to Ghali's has opened up in that space.

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        Price range? Do you happen to have a menu to show their items?

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          Wow. That sounds awesome. Thanks for the 411. I'll definitely be checking it out.

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            I had a few samples at their launch two weekends ago - their chicken tinga is awesome. I'm not a big fan of chow mein in my burritos, but the other aspects of 'asian fusion' is quite good, especially their sauces.

            picture (chicken tinga with rice): http://flickr.com/photos/ndawg/304163...

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              This looks pretty good. I remember 360 Burrito in California had an Asian burrito offering and it was awesome. The menu cracks me up. "Yes I'd like to bling up my breakfast burrito with some bacon please!"

        2. That's funny I thought eye magazine was joking when they did a mini blurb on this place a few weeks ago. Also, is this the same location as Ghali's kitchen Italian/Jamaican fusion? Is Ghali still open?

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          1. i went recently and thought it was great. i love their green hot sauce - made in house with a good kick...definitely worth checking out.

            1. Grabbed takeout from here last night, one fish and one beef that my wife and I shared. Fantastic, very very delicious. While I agree I am not quite so sure I like chow mein in my burrito, the rice one was excellent and is what I'll order moving forward. Everything is cooked to order, and very "saucy" - it's a pretty moist burrito. Flavours are huge. And if you like heat, definitely get the house-made green chili sauce...made with six kinds of chiles.

              The place is run by two young Asian dudes who are super-friendly and both grew up in Leslieville. They've worked in restaurants throughout their lives but this is their shot at ownership...place deserves to be supported.

              1. ok. three words: SLOW ROAST PORK. i'm always on the run, needed some grub, been hearing about this "new" burrito place in the neighborhood. Minh, the chef of Chino Locos recommended i try the pork that was just coming out of the oven. Seeing that it was dripping with sauce, i thought, "alright, let's do this," The combination of pork, chow mein, green onion ginger sauce, chipotle sauce, jalapenos and cilantro left me speechless. The "very' Asian combination with the mexican touch made me realise that we are now entering a new, delicious world. Not only is the food amazing, both Victor and Minh are incredibly friendly and very, very easy on the eyes.

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                  We may get there this weekend - it sounds awesome. We're in Leslieville, so it's right in the neighbourhood. Thanks for posting.

                2. Tried it them tonight. Had the 'Off 'da Hook' beef. Had to try the chow mein noodles just to see how it worked....
                  Very tasty, but a bit chintzy with the fillings...definitely not the 'struggle to finish it' size of some of the other burrito places.
                  The pork and the fish both looked great; I'll be back to try them!!

                  1. We stopped by there last night. I had the fish - totally delicious - and my husband had the pork - also delicious. (Actually we divided them up when we got home, so we each had both.) We also ordered 2 dessert burritos - apple - very tasty. It came to just under $20 for the 4 burritos, so a very good deal. Only disappointment was that they had run out of the green onion ginger sauce. Just gives me an excuse to go back again soon. The guys are very friendly as well.

                    1. Here is the website, for those who are interested.

                      1. I called last week and asked if they'd deliver to Yonge & Eglinton, thinking it was likely a lost cause. But they said they could with a $6 delivery charge. Steep but since most places that far east won't even contemplate delivering to Y & E, I gratefully accepted. We got the sirloin with the rice and the fish with the noodles. The fish was very tasty--surprisingly moist and not in the last "fishy" tasting; the sirloin wasn't as good but still decent. My only real complaint is there isn't enough of the other fillings (i.e. other than the noodles or rice). I'd be happy to pay extra for more of some of the veggies--and next time I'll ask for that. Also, next time, I'd get two because I was still hungry after one and I'm asking for EXTRA, extra hot because just hot wasn't registering for me.

                        1. Its called Chinos Locos Burritos...you guys gotta give it a try - hahamazing!!!

                          1. It is great to discover new taste and observe attempted bet-your-lifesavings culinary innovations within the GTA. These guys practically cook each order individually so you can get it as sweet, spicy, salty etc. as you like. Personally, having traveled regularly to Mexico and tasted both "local" and mexican-chinese food there - I'd say that "fusion opportunities" are rather limited. But this Toronto joint adds a decidedly Toronto-Chinatown spin to the plain old boring Burrito. Maybe it is in the grease they used to fry the meat/veggie, or the heavy-handed soy sauce marinade, or just the fried-rice-in-a-tortilla expereince, I really don't know. But one bite into these burritos, and you *KNOW* you are, unmistakably, home :-)

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                              Went there for the first time on Friday and loved it. What friendly people and what a jampacked cooking area! Three of us had the fish, the pork and the chicken.....stuffed with chow mein. Loved it all. We ate there, but it's a little crowded. In the future, I think we'll phone ahead and pick it up.
                              But the flavors will really zing you and the quality of the ingredients is first-rate.

                            2. I'm a regular Chowhound reader- this is my first posting...

                              We went there about a month ago for lunch and I have to say, it was a total disappointment.
                              A ridiculously long wait (it was just 2 of us and then one other couple there)- well over 40 minutes for mediocre, dry burritos that lacked any true flavour. I don't mind waiting if the end result is amazing, but hey, it wasn't. And we stopped in because we wanted a quick bite, so at least tell us that it'll be a while and we can leave and come back.

                              I had the fish one with rice, and my husband had the pork one with noodles. Mine was just-ok- needed more sauce, heat, moisture or something. Not a lot of filling either. My husband's was really NOT good. We were expecting some moist pulled-pork type of thing and instead he got totally dry, ice-cold, huge hunks of pork with not-very tasty noodles. He got extra sour cream, which we couldn't find any trace of.

                              The prices were ok- but honestly, I prefer to pay 1-2$ more and be full and satisfied, like after Burrito Boys (or better yet, to go get pupusas in Kensington for $2.50/each). Bottom line, even though the guys in the kitchen seemed to be putting their hearts into it- it didn't translate into the final product.

                              Maybe things have changed over the past month- maybe it was an off-day, but we won't be returning to find out.

                              1. Anybody know their hours? No info on their website (and no way to contact except phone, which seems silly on a web site).

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                                  In Eye Weekly's review of Chino Locos in January, it says they are open Monday - Thursday: 11 - 9, Saturday: 11 - 10 and Sunday: 11 - 8. I'm thinking of checking it out for lunch.