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Nov 18, 2008 11:23 AM

Where is the best Espresso in Buenos Aires?

I'm a big fan of espresso and will be in Buenos Aires in the beginning of December. Where can I find the best espresso? I know there must be some places to find some in BA, but I don't see anything on this board. Can anyone please help me out?

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  1. While you would think with the Italian population here that espresso would be a big thing, it only sort of is. While nearly every place has an espresso machine, the standard here is to run water through the espresso grounds twice, creating what in size is a double espresso, but much weaker than an espresso would be in Italy, France, or even the U.S. So, espresso roasted beans are used, but you rarely get "the real thing"... some places will do it right if you ask for a "ristritto", but they're a rarity. Best coffee in the city is probably at Estacion General de Cafe, the main branch is on Pueyrredon at Arenales in Recoleta, but they also have a couple of other locations. One of the few places that imports beans from all over the world and roasts them daily.