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PS7's or Zengo?

Hey, I'm doing the "appetite stimulus plan" for dinner this week with my picky boyfriend who doesn't eat any fish or seafood. Or mushrooms.
I have decided both PS7's and Zengo look promising. Which would you recommend?

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  1. I personally haven't been to Zengo before (and hear mixed reviews) but I LOVE PS7. I went there for Restaurant Week this summer and had a wonderful meal. You would never know there was a special deal going on---the portions, service, and food were top-notch. I like the dining room and the flavor combinations the chef uses.

    Of course I would look at both menus to make sure there is something your bf can eat.

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      I second Elyssa's opinion. I've eaten a PS7s a dozen of times and only once had a so-so entree - every other time all the courses were excellent!

      I was also there for the last Restaurant Week and was very impressed. I usually avoid Restaurant Week because food quality and service seem to suffer, but PS7's only made a couple slight changes to the menu (two types of bread instead of the usual three) and offered a great selection and very good service.

    2. I like both equally. For your bf, I would pick PS7 because Zengo's best dishes are seafood.

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        I have been to Zengo and liked it-I had some very good things that were not seafood-unfortuntely, I do not remember what they were- have not been to PS 7 so I cannot compare.

      2. Zengo is far better than PS7, which I find very boring. You'll get more for your money in terms of food and experience at Zengo. There is definitely non-fish options on the money. There's a latin influence so there's lots of meat on the menu too.

        1. Another vote for Zengo, their XO edamame is really good, so is the kobe beef and the cocktails are great. I normally do a bunch of small plates and I can't remember exactly what I get, but I have only ever been dissapointed with the sweet and sour noodles, everything else has been really good. I haven't eaten at PS7 except for bar food, which I have found extremely mediocre for bar food. But maybe their dinner is better?

          1. I haven't yet tried PS7's, so I can't speak to it. But, last night I took the appetite stimulus plan as an opportunity to try Zengo. Much disapointed. The food was interesting and mostly quite good, but Zengo's small plate style makes the appetite stimulus plan much less of a bargain. Instead of the first, main, and dessert advertised on Open Table, at Zengo you get two small plates (which were appetizer size or smaller) and a dessert for $35. I didn't pay much attention to the normal menu, but i doubt this is really much of a discount. I'm all for tapas style dining, but it doesn't fit well into the Appetite Stimulus deal. Plus, I do have some complaints. The dishes at Zengo come out as they are ready, for all to share. I love this at Jaleo and other true tapas places, but Zengo often brings out plates that do not easily share. One dish we had turned out to be one small empanada (and not a very good one), this is not really a dish that lends itself to sharing. Between the truly small small plates, and the over priced cocktails, I wouldn't call this a bargain at all. Overall seems to be more about theme and style than substance. It made me feel like I was back in LA, which is not a good thing.

            1. Thanks for all your replies! I was all ready to try Zengo until I read chaussonauxpommes' post -- and who am I question an apple fritter? Actually, I know I would have been extremely peeved if I didn't feel I'd gotten a good deal, so thank you for the warning!
              I will let you know how it goes at PS7's.

              1. Glad you decided on PS7's. I went there last night for the appetite stimulus plan and it was wonderful. Regarding the menu, I had a chance to taste almost everything (thanks to generous members of my group!) and I would recommend the wild mushroom and gnocchi for the appetizer, short ribs for the entree and either the beignets or the pecan pie for the dessert. (The other option is some apple and spongecake thing which was incredibly bland and tasteless.) Enjoy!

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                    Well, the trip to PS7's went okay. Keep in mind that I *never* go to expensive restaurants and when I do go I expect to be wowed. (Sort of like my successful lunch at Restaurant Eve I wrote up a few weeks ago.) I acknowledge this is perhaps an unreasonably high bar.

                    I enjoyed my duo of beef dish a lot (braised short ribs and some kind of steak) although it really could have used something to lighten it up - it was just begging for some acidity or fresh herbs or something. The mushroom and gnocchi was alright, but too salty. The pecan pie was fine, but I found the texture somewhat off-putting.

                    I was impressed by the range of options available for the Appetite Stimulus Plan, especially the entrees. I had a tough time deciding which one to get since they all sounded good.

                    My bf got the salad (fine, nothing special, though delicious dried cherries were involved), the ravioli which I thought were just okay (they came covered in foam which I thought made for a strange presentation, and the interior was too sour and just sort of unsatisfying; I thought all the textures didn't work well together), and the apple roulade despite my warning.

                    So overall, eh.

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                      Zengo, Zengo, Zengo! You should have gone there. I would pick Zengo over PS7 any day. I think PS7's good deal on their happy hour gets translated over to their regular food. To me, Peter Smith finds ways to make light food heavier.

                      Zengo has such an interesting/fun menu, and good food/presentation to toot!

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                    We went to PS7s last night and agree with everything Melanie said!! I love apple desserts, but not this one. Of the 4 or 5 visits there, the desserts have been the weakest part of the meal. Love the mix drinks and decent wine by the glass offerings.

                  3. PS7's is the way to go.....
                    I have dined at Zengo 2 times and wasn't happy at all.....
                    Pete Smith really does a nice job and his food is easy to look at.....
                    I think that is the way to go!

                    1. PS7 for sure. Not that Zengo is bad though