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Nov 18, 2008 10:41 AM

New Sripraphai lunch special

I went to Sripraphai for the first time in a month or two and they have new menues including a 12.95 lunch special where you pick from 3 courses and get a drink. anyone else experienced this? food was great as always

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  1. WOW, I haven't been in two months but will visit soon. I only do lunches. Whenever I've been for lunch (usually 1:30) it's never more than 30% occupied so this should certainly help during the lunch period. I'll pick from 3 courses plus a drink for $12.95 especially at a restaurant that serves great good.

    1. I am definitely intrigued. Like Mike V., I basically only go for lunch (b/c i work nights) .
      12.95 is more than I usually pay for lunch, but I would def like to try it at sripp. thanks for the tip.

      1. Went for lunch the other day (election day, actually), and saw the lunch special menu there among the stack of several menus they always hand you (regular, pictures, never changing 'specials'). At first I was taken aback by the price, but realized that I often spend that much or more between a drink, salad and a curry (albeit with some leftovers). I paused before ordering after the waitress told me that the portion was slightly smaller than the menu one, but ended up getting it anyhow. It included a fairly large bowl of red curry, a decent sized papaya salad, thai tea, and a bowl of soup. The dishes seem to be made to order (es perhaps the soup), since they asked me about the spice level I wanted and also inquired whether thai eggplant was okay in the curry (of course it is!). The food was certainly up to their usual standard of excellence. I have a pretty big appetite, and ate everything, but was properly stuffed.

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          what are the choices for lunch specials?