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Nov 18, 2008 10:11 AM

Bizarre Foods Maine episode airs tonight

10 PM on the Travel Channel. I know Andrew and his dad who lives in Maine go to Hugo's for a meal, as well as a death match with local chefs out in casco bay. Should be good exposure for Portland.

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  1. That was a fun show. I didn't realize sea cucumbers were in Maine since I have only seen them in the Caribbean. I was trying to figure out what kind of beans they used - looked like my favorite, yellow eyes. I certainly didn't expect the bizarre food in the death match and esp the june bugs to win. Guess I'll stick to steamed lobster and rhubarb pie.

    1. I loved the show, too. And btw, I have a suspicion that the man on the show from the Buxton area who forages for ramps, nettles, frog's belly green, etc., is the one who supplies Frog and Turtle in Westbrook with delicious local wild stuff.

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        Rick Tibbetts is definietly a friend of the Portland restaurant scene and supplies many places with fresh mushrooms and the like. I have seen some of the most beautiful black trumpet and lobster mushrooms, hours old, brought into some establishments from him direct.

      2. I used to live on Peaks Island and traveled all over Casco Bay, but I couldn't place the island where they had the deathmatch. They didn't want to reveal the location until after the show aired but I can't seem to find any mention of it anywhere. Does anyone know the name of the island?

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          Cushing Island, which is privately held.

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            OK. Makes sense since I've never actually been on Cushing. The views looked familiar but different.

        2. What a great episode! I thought his father was pretty cool overall. Just the right amount of playful sarcasm. I thought the moose terrine looked pretty good. Not so sure about the cod chowder with the cheeks and semen, though.

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            That was actually Monkfish, not cod - it was really, really good!

            Andrew also had his family there, including his Dad, Bob. They and the camera crew were very nice and appreciative of the Deathmatch Posse taking out a rare day off to hang out. Everyone had a blast.

            A lot of really good dishes didn't make it on camera.

            The Wyatt team (moose meat terrine) also made Allen's Coffee-Brandy Whoopie Pies with Moxie Marshmallow filling. I can't seem to post pictures - sorry.


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              I was a little distracted while watching the show, but I could swear I saw Andrew and his Dad at Hugo's eating a chowder with pretty much all the cod parts. Wasn't the monkfish eaten on the island?

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                Yup - the monkfish was on the island. I remembered the smoky lobster at Hugos, that's it.

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                  Yeah the chowder with all the cod parts and with the cod semen base instead of cream was at Hugo's.

                2. re: johnnydj

                  The cod was at Hugo's, monkfish was on the island. I TiVo'd it and just saw it today. The Hugo's stuff looked soooo good. Yum. I love that place.

              2. The show airs again Monday November 24th at 9pm and early November 25th at 1am