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Nov 18, 2008 10:01 AM

jaipur grille lately?

I have a dinner at Jaipur grille this friday. Has anyone been lately? Any good? Any recommendations? most appreciated!!!

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  1. I was there for Diwali.
    Everything was great, however, when I asked (repeatedly) if the diwali dishes were on the regular menu, I kept receiving "No" or "I don't know, not at the moment, but we're testing"

    The thali was wonderful, as was the eggplant curry, the pakoras, the rice combinations.
    The gulabjamun was especialyl good, served fresh with infused almond.

    Service is knowledgeable and friendly...the place looks beautiful with the renos, very much like the british influenced cafes and restaurants in jaipur india.

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      Is the deep-fried okra still on the menu? I haven't dined there in ages, but I distinctly remember this dish.

    2. haven't been in a while, but the tandoor stuff always seemed better than average. i remember quite enjoying some salmon and prawns done in the tandoor.