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Nov 18, 2008 09:22 AM

Cozy Holiday/Birthday Dinner with Private Room Suggestions!

Guys, I need some help with finding a restaurant. Here are my criterias: private room (for the Secret Santa / 2 girls birthday's), fits approximately 15-18 ppl, downtown Toronto, budget about $30-35 per head assuming prix fixe menu.

Every year we do this for this close group of friends, but we are running out of idea this year! We've been to Foccacia (great service/food/flexibility), various chinese restaurants uptown...

The birthday girls insisted be somewhere cozy, unpretentious, lots of flxibility so we may do decorations etc etc. We are open to all sort of ethnic food, as long as it's great food, good ambiance, just a place where we can chill.

Made calls to some restaurants (Nyood, Boulevard Cafe) already but all are a bit too much for our price range, I NEED HELP!

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  1. Souther Accent has group prix fixe menus in your price range and more than one private room, definitely unpretentious.

    Southern Accent
    595 Markham St, Toronto, ON M6G2L7, CA

    1. Try Veni Vidi Vici on College, they have a great back room and have been super accommodating when I've had events there in the past: Great, great service and very laid back!