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Nov 18, 2008 09:10 AM

ISO Chinese Banquet Food $600

Looking for a place for dinner for 10 people that we can order a banquet style meal.
Wanting it to be in the Scarborough/Richmond Hill/ Markham or North York area.
Cost to be maximum $600 with tax and tip included. Thanks.

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  1. Almost any chinese restaurant you choose will be able to work with your $600 budget (except for really high end places). Perhaps you could let everyone know if there is a specific dish that you would like to have or a deal breaker that you can't stand (like bad service).
    I have had several banquet dinners at Ruby restaurant (scarborough) I find this place has decent food for the price, nothing spectacular though.

    1. You could certainly try Ambassador; if IIRC, they have a banquet for 8 for $399; add in two more people, tax and tip, and you should be in your $600 range. You'll get excellent food (heavily weighted to seafood), impeccable service, and bright, airy surroundings.

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      1. re: KevinB

        Thanks KevinB. Ambassador sounds like a good option.
        Was looking for tasty food and nice ambience.... good value menu would be a plus.

        Does anyone know about O'Mei banquet style menus?

        There was also mention on another post, but can't remember the restaurant names.
        I think there was one at 16th Ave and Spadina in Richmond Hill or also one on Leslie St north of 16th in the "airport" looking mall. Any comments on these restaurants?

        1. re: minto

          Latest fav., include;
          Legend - Glen Cameron ( Yonge/Steeles )
          Dragon Boat - Hwy7/ Beaver creek
          Full House - Hwy7/ Chalmers
          Casa Victoria - Warden/ Hwy7
          Spring Villa - Woodbine/Steeles

          All of the above have $598,$698 banquet style menus that feature whole roast suckling piglet, abalone, sharksfin ,lobster, steamed live fish, free range chicken or roasted pigeons..etc,

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Just want to comment on Dragon Boat, had a ~$600 banquet dinner recently, the roast suckling piglet is some of the best I had in Toronto ! Light and crispy skin, a thin layer of soft fat under the crispy skin, no weird piglet smell that many of the restaurant have on their suckling pig. The other dishes are not bad. But the abalone is the dried one from Middle East, big in size but texture is like rubber...I guess may be an upgrade one will be better.