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Nov 18, 2008 08:20 AM

Good Eats in Hunter's Creek Area near Orlando

We're visiting family for a week who live in the Hunter's Creek area south of Orlando and would like suggestions for close by especially good sushi, bakeries, and/or seafood. There are kids in our party so nothing too fancy, but would like to steer clear of chains (national chains anyway). Thanks in advance.

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  1. I don't live in that part of town and know of no restaurants that fit your description--the area is heavy on chains--but there is a lovely and family-friendly Cuban restaurant called Padrino's that is reasonably priced and has wonderful food--and mojitos.

    1. Hunter's Creek is not a foodie-mecca, but it's not far from some great options. I know you said not fancy, but Norman's and Primo are in the Grande Lakes Resort in HC. Not too far away though is International Drive and Lake Buena Vista, with restaurants aplenty, of all shapes and sizes. Try FishBones, Vines Grill, or Seasons 52 for some great options, all just a few minutes drive.

      1. I live near there and one of my favorite sushi places is down that way. Mikado's. There fish is very fresh.

        Also off of John Young and Menta is Costa Del Sol. Spanard Cuisine their tapas are wonderful. I have yet to have a bad meal there.

        Azteca's is a mexican place off of OBT large portions good food. Or for a little bit of a drive visit Girabaldi's in Kissimmee their fajitas are delicious.

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          We went to Mikado's on Valentine's day and it was so fresh and delicious!!! Thanks again for the suggestion.

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            Your welcome, I'm glad you tried it. We have yet to have anything bad or even just medicre there and the sushi chefs are great and very knowledgable and the staff is pretty friendly. and it's oh so fresh!

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              Yes I saw that and even wrote a post asking if it had closed awhile ago. Any idea of why they went under?

              They were a little pricey and not a primo location. The food was good but maybe not that good for the price?

          2. oh and also I second Padrino's it's over by mikado. Let us know where you go and how you like it.

            1. Thanks for all the suggestions. We had a great experience at Padrino's and I hope that it is open on our next visit. We were the only ones there for a late mid-afternoon lunch with a 2 month old. We were skeptical that the kitchen may be between shifts, but the food was amazingly presented. My husband had a seafood chowder and almost licked the bowl clean and my black bean soup was classic with the beans perfect. We opted for a few appetizers which were plenty for both of us and the food had all the components of traditional cuban food presented in interesting ways. The owner came by and cooed over our baby and explained the art on the wall, done by a cuban artist who his family knows. He then sent over two new drinks they were trying: a NY Mojito and an Apple Mojito, but the traditional mojitos were the best. I would highly recommend it to anyone in the area and they have another restaurant in Ft.Lauderdale. We took some dessert home from the cuban bakery next door which were mixed-- the opera cake and some sort of cake with strawberry and creme filling being the best of the bunch.
              We tried Seasons 52 (without the baby-- not too child friendly) and Azteca (with 4 kids ranging from 2 months to 9 years) which were both fine as far as chains go. Azteca has a pretty good happy hour, the food seemed fresh and everyone was happy.