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Nov 18, 2008 08:11 AM

Best Steakhouse with a Vegetarian

i know it sounds crazy but i'm trying to find a nice dinner for 8-12 people with various food preferences. steak houses usually fit the bill bc the food isn't too exotic. problem is we have a vegetarian joining us. any suggestions on a good steakhouse or a good restaurant where we can go for ~$150 a head with yummy food, drinks and good size portions. Thanks.

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  1. Most steakhouses have very good seafood so it's not a problem, I don't think For instance, Morton's has good smoked salmon, schrimp,scallops and lobster.

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    1. re: bronwen

      if the vegetarian ate seafood my job would be much easier. no meat no seafood.

    2. You might do better with an Italian family-style restaurant (i.e. Carmine's), where pastas, salads and veggie sides are well represented alongside steak, chicken and seafood options.

      Or there's Hillstone, which I haven't tried, but it has a unique menu in that it includes steak AND veggie burgers...

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      1. re: PlomeekSoup

        Oh don't go to Carmine's. I'm a vegetarian and believe me I'd much rather go to a decent steakhouse and order an assortment of sides rather than eat at Carmine's.

        Your best bet might be to call some of the better steakhouses and ask what can be done. If the only option is having an assortment of sides, then just be sure you go to a place that has a) good sides and b) a decent selection to choose from. There was actually a thread here a while back about which steakhouses had the best sides but I can't find it right now (sorry).

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          I would go with BLT Steak or Craft Steak - they have amazing sides and I think even vegetarian entree options. The atmosphere is also less old-style stuffy steakhouse too.

          1. re: bronxmom

            Second BLT. All good steakhouses will have vegetable side options and salads, which is what it sounds like your friend is limited to. Both at BLT are outstanding---esp the chopped vegetable salad.

      2. Landmarc in Tribeca or TWC would be good. They have a number of vegetarian entrees including a great grilled portabello dish prepared like steak, along with 1/2 a dozen cuts of real steak

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        1. re: downtownstefanie

          Landmarc is indeed fantastic, had very good steak and lobster risotto there. I'd recommend it.

        2. City Hall on Duane St. has excellent vegetable side dishes that they will combine into a main course plate.

          1. Knickerbocker on University is good for groups. Great steaks good fish and their pasta is not bad for the vegetarians.